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Crom's Regime
Tired of carebears and people who want a world full of puppies and candy caines? Join Croms Regime and be yourself earn your status and play some hardcore PVP.

I added links to definitions because it seems some guilds have their own "versions" of these words. This way you can destinguish or definition from theirs.

Why join Crom's Regime?
-Small friendly guild make to form team-based relationships
-NOT a zerg guild
-Play with other skilled players such as yourself
-NOT a hierarchy driven guild
-NOT a rule-based guild (PVP when and where you please)
-NOT a carebear guild

Why Crom's Regime needs YOU!
-Skilled player to group with
-Make us proud to be a Crom!
-Give options to our PVP team make-up
-Enjoy diversity within the guild
-Experience alternate ways to play classes and PVP in groups
-Because we want only the best, and thats YOU

Your probably asking, "Where are all the flashy texts and colored banner, Vic?" We don't need no ****ing eyecandy to get good players! Eyecandy is for the weak who join flashy guilds to look like they have skill! I've been told zerg recruiting is to weed out the good players through trial and error... BULLSHIT its to advertise your guild to more lame players so you can win with numbers instead of skill. If you want in on Croms you better bet your ass your gonna get tested!


Whiners in OOC? Gank them
Weenerz in OOC? Gank Dem!
Level 80 thinks hes tough? Gank him!
People camping quest mobs? Gank them! Then kill the mob.
Someone made fun of yo mama? Gank him!

And when all the ganking is done join the PVP games and game with some objective!

We in Croms Regime don't believe "being nice in real life" makes a good guildy. We believe that having skill and being a team player is what the games about. Thus we accept people with slight personality disorders! You won't be kicked from the guild for having a "Bad Mouth" or "Bad Attitude". This is a mature game folks, you want a worker's environment then stay after hours at work were the rules are enforced strictly.

Croms Regime is a selective guild. We only take players who can prove their worth in PVP. There are simple tests to join by request. Most will be invited through observation in PVP minigames.


So what are you waiting for? You happy with a guild leader who formed his/her guild merely to excerpt control over you to have a large e-peen? Then join Crom and get promoted just for being an awesome player and not for being an awesome assmunching brown-noser! Upon joining you are immediately promoted because if you get in you already proven yourself. When I say promoted I don't mean you get a lousy rank up to keep you in, I mean high ranking; take nearly complete control of your new guild and enjoying the same luxuries as those buttmunching guild leaders who only let their girlfriends play with the high level settings!

So why are you still reading this? Afraid of getting pwned? Not enough self esteem to test yourself? Or maybe you become to use to having your head so far up your guild leader's ass that you forgot what the outside world looks like! Its time to pull out of your recession and into AWESOMENESS!

P.S. I know there going to be a load of trolls all over this post and by the time everyone done its going to look like a troll flame raid. Truthfully I don't care what you have to say. Badmouth my guild all you want and if your a good PVP badmouth it then come test yourself! I'm always happy to have a challenge!

Also don't list this guild in the official guild list. I can't have my guild name be made a mockery of by sticking between any of those lame ass guild names like "Kandy Korn" and "The Evil Bandits".

Why Crom's is here, and why it wants to grow
Truth be told Crom's was made to try the guild setting in AoC. Having sucessful guilds in other MMORPGs we decided we just wanted to give this system a test then join the guild right for us (By us I mean me and a friend). After fiddling with the guild settings and seeing how things worked we decided it was time to lend our services and support to another guild... Thats when it hit us, the lack of requirements to form a guild spawned many single person guilds with lame names who were trying to do what they couldn't do in a game with guild formation requirements, make a guild and get people to join! Many of these guilds you will see on the forums advertising. Some so much that there have been posts asking advertisements to stop. So why do I advertise here? We'll its as much of a displeasure with the current guilds thread as it is a recruitment thread. Unlike the other guilds we don't take everyone. We've even had a few guilds form who took the idea of being selective. Despite the fact that they got this from our guild i congratulated them on their accomplishment and wished them luck in becoming a great guild. Personally I'd like to see a few big LEGIT selective guilds instead of all these zerg guilds. So Crom's is still here and wanting to help you have the guild you've always wanted. A guild were everyone is equal in rank and you won't be kicked or demoted for mocking a officer's girlfriend on vent!

So there you have it. Crom's is small and insignificant and if you know the name you probably been owned by us a few times or owned us at a mid level or noob area with your camping level 80. So will Crom's grow or just be another random guild you see on the scoreboard. Will you add to the zerg rush or become a indivual united under the same fortress, choice is yours...
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