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The Dawn of Distorted Light is Moving!

Lavahawk, Sep 4, 08 2:20 PM.
Please be aware that I have found a new home for the Dawn's guildsite. We will be using a site hosted by Guildlaunch as opposed to Guildportal.  I have found that it is much more user friendly, a cleaner layout, and just looks better.  It has bundles of customizable features.

Log on and create a user account for guildlaunch.  Use the launchcode   itsnotcity   to bypass the application process, and get immediate access.

Ventrilo rules and codes of conduct

Lavahawk, Aug 19, 08 8:04 AM.
Just in case that you are not up to date with all the rules and etiquette of our ventrilo server I will post them here for you to familiarize yourself with them.

Note: The lobby is for general chat, and not for general teaming or party chat. This is why there are party and event channels.

Hands free: I understand that it is sometimes more convenient to setup your vent for hands free chat, and this is fine, however just remember that everything you say, and your back ground noise will also be transmitted as well. (simply adjust the sensitivity to correct this)

Please keep in mind that it is most likely not the intention of the person or persons to ruin your vent experience.  If this does happen, (be nice) and nicely let the person know in private chat, DO NOT BE RUDE AND MAKE IT A PUBLIC DISCUSSION about how annoyed you are.

You will be banned from the server for making rude and derogatory remarks. (Not for simply having an open mic.)

Ventrilo Code of Conduct:

Ventrilo is the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) of choice for communication within Dawn of Distorted Light. 

By using our Ventrilo server, you agree to the following: 

1)  No abusive language through VOIP, text, bindings or chat.
(e.g. Name calling, or put downs)

2)  It is recommended that when ever you are in-game, that you make the effort to connect to Dawn of Distorted Light's ventrilo server. However, even if you are not playing in-game, you are welcome to come on and just make general small talk. 

3)  Do not abuse your admin rights or channel admin rights.

4)  Use of inappropriate bindings on our ventrilo server may warrant you to be banned for a period of time. With the exception of Code of Conduct #6. which could warrant an immediate dismissal.

5)  Do not use inappropriate language in the DODL Lobby.  Use of adult oriented language however is tolerated in other channels so long as there is no conflict with Code of Conduct #1 or #6

6)  While in Ventrilo, please bear in mind that our guild may span a variety of ages, ethnicities, genders, and social backgrounds. 
Racist remarks will not be tolerated. If you are found in violation this Code of Conduct, you will be summarily dismissed from the guild. 

7)  Paging is to be kept to a minimum. If someone does not respond to your page be patient. They might be in the middle of something important.

8)  Leaving and returning as well as moving from channel to channel can get annoying. If you are having connection problems its one thing but to do it to annoy others will not be tolerated.

9)  If you do not have a microphone be patient. When people are in a game it is difficult to read what is being said and play the game. We do not mind those who do not have a mic to join vent but we will not stop what we are doing to read what you are trying to say, just because you don't have one. Being rude because of this will not be tolerated. 

Our admins here at Dawn of Distorted Light can not monitor ventrilo at all times. If a player does something to offend you please do not hesitate to approach an administrator. 
     If you are found guilty of one of the reasons above you may be given three warnings. First warning will be a general warning, the second strike will be a demotion to rank 4 (initiate).  A third warning will warrant dismissal from the guild. With the exception of Code of Conduct #6.
     We want everyone to be comfortable and have fun, so let's try to keep that in mind as we chat.

Guild Lottery

Lavahawk, Aug 7, 08 9:35 AM.
The guild will start having a bi weekly lottery. The lottery is strictly voluntary.

The lottery will work as follows.

1 ticket=1 gold

(Mail your gold to Lavahawk in game, with Lottery in the subject field)

Each member is allowed to purchase up to five tickets. Your name and the amount of tickets will be displayed [LOTTERY! CLICK HERE!] in the forums.  The winner will be rolled for, and each ticket buys 1 roll. so if you buy 3 tickets you can roll 3 times.

The highest roll will determine the winner. Simple!

However since this is a guild sponsored event the guild will receive 10% of the winnings in order to help offset repair costs.

The first drawing will be help on August 15, 2008 at 10:00PM EST

You must attend the event in order to be eligible for the drawing, no advance draws.  If you have already bought your ticket and cannot make the event, your winnings will be forfeit.


539844291_Inactive, Aug 7, 08 7:29 AM.
Welcome to the Dawn Amealia


539844291_Inactive, Aug 5, 08 10:46 AM.

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