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Welcome to the Eastern Blade Guild website!

Please feel free to sign up, browse the forums, read the news and allow your jaws to drop as we commence our pwnage on The World of Warcraft.

We welcome all types of class and levels to our guild - to apply please fill out the questions in the recruitment forum.

We are mainly a PVE guild on the Bloodhoof EU server and our main focus is on progression in the game.

Other Guild News

Tactics for ZA

539778430_Inactive, Jun 22, 08 2:42 PM.
Hello guys the tactics is coming for ZA I've made the tactics finish for the first boss Nalorakk go read them on the raid forum.. The tactics for the rest of the bosses are coming soon.


Ventrilo Server Now Fixed

539774335_Inactive, Jun 16, 08 11:27 AM.
The Vent server has now been ermm 'tweaked' to allow up to 50 connections as opposed to the rather annoying license restriction of 8 during our first raid.

Please check the forums for details on how to use.

Second Kara farming group

539773736_Inactive, Jun 15, 08 5:52 AM.
A second kara group is now under construction should have it sorted in due time

Ventrilo Server Now Live

539774335_Inactive, Jun 12, 08 5:25 AM.
We now have a ventrilo server and settings are in the Raid forum.

The Server will need some testing, not sure if your Raid in Kara is the right time for this? Perhaps some peeps can log on and test tonight ahead of the pwnage...

Website Still Under Maintenance

539774335_Inactive, Jun 12, 08 1:59 AM.
Please be aware of the following issues that we are trying to fix:

1. The Time Zone is a bit screwed and it thinks we are somewhere near Miami (I wish!) - we will change this but we need to wait untill the next two Kara runs have happened as it would screw the dates up completley.

2. Usernames: Bit of a strange one this but many usernames are not being accepted - I'm not using Sworder2 for a laugh you know!! Could I please ask all new subscribers to use a name like , name_class or name2.

Many Thanks!
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