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Welcome to the Order of
-:- O B S C U R I T A S -:-

Welcome, visitors and members! The Order of Obscuritas  [OoO] currently is one of the first Guild Wars alliances to be hosted through GuildPortal, and we would also like to be one of the largest, so new applicants are more than welcome.

The Order has around 30 active members, a cape, and a guild hall located on the Isle of the Dead. We also host a TeamSpeak server.  After we feel we are ready, we will be focusing on GvG. For now, we are concentrating on helping lower level members attune their skills and reach the level cap so we can start training through PvP. We are heavily involved with answering the questions of newer members and helping each other with leveling and questing. However, we view PvE as a means to prepare for competition and increase our guild fame. To that end, the focus of the guild will soon be shifting toward guild vs. guild and guild-based pvp.

Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to join now, fill in an application through the site first (The JOIN link is at the very top of the page) and if approved you will be sent an invitation by "Jiang Shi" or "Delina Shade" once the game starts.

Please Visit Our New Location at!

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May 28, 05 4:58 PM
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May 27, 05 9:34 PM
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