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Surrender becomes Eidolon!
Jun 30, 08 12:01 PM
Land Claimed!
Jun 15, 08 3:55 PM
Progress of Surrender
Jun 9, 08 9:15 AM
We're Live!
Jun 6, 08 11:24 AM
Welcome to Eidolon
In the deep deserts of Kush, long-forgotten Xuthal, the Dreaming City, lies like a shimmering beacon against the burning horizon. It was here in this ancient, demon-infested city of green marble that the founders of Eidolon first met. Their paths had led them to this dark place from many parts of Hyboria and for different reasons, but it was in Xuthal that they would meet their destiny.

To this day, the story of their experiences in and flight from Xuthal of the Dusk remains shrouded in mystery; the founders rarely speak of it. What is known is that with the passing of league after bloody league beneath their sandaled feet, they eventually arrived at what would become their new home.

Among the rolling hills of Poitain, a new city was established.  The refugees from Xuthal, themselves Stygian and Cimmerian, have come to call Eidolon their new home.  A place where they could leave the past behind and create a new life for themselves...or so they claimed. Nightmares of Xuthal haunt some of them still and dark rumors speak of something more sinister at work.

Eidolon is a place of secrecy and shadow, of intrigue and subtle manipulations. Cloaked behind the pleasant facade of the town's Inn and waypoint for travelers, Surrender, those of like mind have gathered to lay plans and spread their influence.

((Eidolon is a roleplaying guild on the Wiccana server, and the entire RP community is invited to RP with us here.  ADULTS ONLY.))

Surrender becomes Eidolon!

Crystallyne27, Jun 30, 08 12:01 PM.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been giving a great deal of consideration to our concept of Surrender, and ways we can create a more interesting environment to roleplayers.  To this end we have made a number of changes to the guild concept, while keeping the original ideas at the heart of our guild.

We have expanded our concept from simply an Inn to a city which has risen up around the Inn.  This new city has been christened Eidolon.

For this reason we have changed the name of our guild to reflect the name of the city.  The Inn itself will continue to be named Surrender, and we continue to plan for public roleplaying events in the future to take place there.  But there is much to be done before that can be accomplished, including the need for Funcom to fix guild cities so others can visit us.

We are looking forward now to forging ahead with a new purpose, and hope others will come and join us!

Land Claimed!

539772954_Inactive, Jun 15, 08 3:55 PM.
Hail Everyone!

This day we have finally claimed the land upon which Surrender shall be built. Our Warmest thanks to Lady Corotica for her tireless dedication to making Surrender all that we know it can be.

Here is an image of the view which will greet our guests, looking out over the lush green lands of Poitain. From left to right, Corotica, Havasa, Valezka, and Voracious.

No alternate text supplied.

Progress of Surrender

Crystallyne27, Jun 9, 08 9:15 AM.
I am happy to say Surrender appears to be growing strong and gaining popularity each day!  With every applicant I have interviewed my hopes for the future of Surrender grow stronger.  I have continued to develop ideas for the guild, and truly hope I can completely implement these ideas!

In the future I hope to begin hosting regular roleplay events for the Wiccana roleplaying community at large!  We will most likely need our guild city established first, so that is my primary goal at this time.  Our guild city will truly be the heart and soul of Surrender!

Thanks to everyone who has joined the efforts to make Surrender a success!

We're Live!

Crystallyne27, Jun 6, 08 11:24 AM.
Surrender has now been formed on Wiccana!  I have a lot of preparations to make before the guild can really be called "ready to go", but if you are interested in joining please contact me here or in-game!

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