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"The Vanir and their Ymirish allies have left Cimmeria a smoldering ruin of ice and rock. While brave in their own right, the southerners are hard-pressed and barely maintaining their front-lines. But who are we to care?

For we did not leave our realm of Asgard out of sympathy. Nor did we leave the halls of our fathers out of charity. We've come to make war, to slaughter any who would fight us. To take the spoils, and make slaves of those we crush. Blood, glory, gold, and women. That is why we are here, and that is why when we are finally slain, we shall claim our rightful places in Valhalla!

Now, go forth and take the heads of the red-haired bastards of Vanaheim! Slaughter all who dare rise up against us!  Let the world know that the Grim Wolves of Asgard have finally been unleashed!" -Wulfgeir, Warchief of the Grim Wolf Warband

The Grim Wolf Warband is an RP-centric guild in the game, Age of Conan, on the Wiccana server. We're a clan of Aesir from Asgard, come south to not only make war upon our ancient enemies of Vanaheim, but to gain glory, slaves, profit, and our place in Valhalla. 

We have our city set in Lacheish, as we're RPing that the Cimmerians provide us with whatever ale and food they can in exchange for our occasional aid in battle against the Vanir. 

If you're interested in joining, please apply to our guild forum and fill out an application! Thank you for expressing interest in the Grim Wolves and see you in-game!

Guild construction is underway!

Aelgar, Jun 9, 11 11:26 PM.
T1 Guild City is nearly finished. All we need are walls. Lots and lots of walls.
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