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Nemesis a Raiding guild on Dagoth Established June 3, 2008
[Raiding] Monday - thursday 8pm-11pm est.


Purple paradise, 30 fabled loots in 1 day!!

CarfaxAbbey, Aug 3, 08 7:58 AM.

Saturday was a great day for Nemesis as we aquired a few new recruits and farmed more than 30 fabled and 100 blue loots to gearup our forces. Between saturday and sunday we gained another 6 lvl 80 recruits to fill out our raid force!

our first raid ... The beginning

CarfaxAbbey, Jul 7, 08 10:18 AM.

Looking for a few more recruits, view our recruitment page if your interested in a roster spot!! Update: 7/26/08 Guild DKP Website up!! Update: 7/26/08 Running 8 hour Epic Keshata groups as well as level 80 dungeons.
We have gotten a good portion of our raid forces level 80 gear sets this week.
update 7/27/08 Ventrillo server now posted in top right corner of our home page!!!

No more dancing on Glass.

CarfaxAbbey, Jun 29, 08 9:15 AM.

( Dkp Rules and Raiding schedule have been added to the Rules and Policy section)
Grats to Waremtae on being promoted to dkp officer.

After only three weeks we now have over (60) guildmembers, mostly between levels 45-75 and growing at an unbelievable rate. We may be raiding endgame and sieging in just a matter of 3 weeks! We have increased our minimum recruitment levels from 20 to now 50. Were going to be a top 5 guild on this server in less than 90 days. We are bringing the noise!!!!!!

Progress sweet progress...

CarfaxAbbey, Jun 15, 08 4:42 AM.

In less than 2 full weeks as a guild we have amassed more than 40 quality guild members and started building our guild city. Great job on the Battle Keep (Stryker) it looks great!

Update 6/18/08
City: Keep, Trade post, Barracks, University, Temple. All built!!
Update 6/19/08 City: Thieves Guild, Blacksmith Shop. Built!!
Update 6/20/08 City: Alchemist workshop, Armorer workshop, Engineer workshop. Built!!
Update 6/22/08 City: Walls / Gate Built!
Player update: Now over 50 members and growing.
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The Siege begins.

CarfaxAbbey, Jun 5, 08 4:37 AM.

There will be blood!! Nemesis formerly one of eq2's top end game raiding guilds is now laying siege on Age Of Conan.

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