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The Seekers
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Who are we:
The Seekers are a group of Hyborians who having escaped enslavement by Thoth-Amon have banded together to protect and aid one another. The guild was started by Scarab a Stygian Assassin who although still practising her trade, now uses her skills to improve the lives of other Seekers and no longer provides services to the highest bidder regardless of the morality of the task.

  • Scarab will be the guild leader and an officer will be elected for every 6 members within the guild. If required lead officers will be elected to oversee certain aspects of the game. IE. PvP/RP/Raid.
  • Once established it will be intended to run a guild event every 6 weeks. Again these may be PvP/RP/Raid or all three.
  • The 6 weekly events are intended to be gala events and not to replace more regular/spontaneous PvP/RP etc.

What are our aims:
The Seekers is intended to be a casual guild with grand aspirations. The intention is to participate in all aspects of the game but to cover the ground at a relaxed pace whilst enjoying the company of other Seekers and Hyborians (This may include killing and maiming!)

We will be establishing a Guild Village, probably in Purple Lotus Swamp. I would like to establish the village and erect craft buildings before considering if we should build a battle keep. (I am unsure at this time how keeps work and whether or not it would need to be constantly guarded.)

What are our guidelines: {Guidelines only not rules, feel free to post any suggestions}

PVP – Ethos
We are The Seekers and we will defend our lands and our Kin. Having been enslaved and forced to serve those stronger, the Seekers will aid the weaker denizens of Hyboria should they come gross injustice

The Seekers have been through harsh times, they yearn for peace but acknowledge that Hyboria is not yet ready for such reform. They will do their utmost to see that the more troublesome elements within the lands are tamed.

  • No Ganking or Graveyard camping
  • If you witness a gank try to help out the underdog if possible
  • If you are the victim of a gank, please inform the guild so we can respond accordingly
  • We encourage RP PvP

 PVE – Ethos
The Seekers roam the lands of Hyboria correcting injustice and aiding citizens in need. They travel far and wide and collect many treasures and trinkets for their troubles.

  • Questing, indulge as little or as much as you like. Following the Destiny questline is however encouraged.
  • Crafting, indulge as little or as much as you like.
  • Gathering, it would be appreciated if each Seeker could pick up at least one gathering skill to aid our crafters. Of course should you wish to cover them all then that would be alright to………

RP – Ethos
The Seekers are drawn from all across Hyboria. Through shared experiences the Seekers have established bonds which have crossed the divide of race and class, those whom you would assume to be bitter enemies are in fact staunch allies.

  • RP is optional but encouraged.
  • If someone does not wish to indulge in RP either at all or during a particular session please respect their wishes.
  • If you have prepared a background brief for your character please post a version on the guild website


Contacts: In game contact Scarab or visit our website.

Website: http//


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