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52 Pick Up
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52 Pick Up Welcomes You!!

This SG was founded by Queenof Spades (name changed to Queen of Spades now) in the summer of '05 originally. She built the SG up alone basically to a 35-38 card SG at its' peak. Sometime in late '06, the SG disbanded for leader differences. It was a sad day for Queen of Spades. Server transfers came around in issue 11, and with that QoS was transferred to another server.
With issue 12, QoS has returned to Champion to rebuild her home, 52 Pick Up. Her closest friends are the other suit Kings and Queens. Stronger by numbers she can count on the other Queens and Kings to help run the SG efficiently. So now with thier feet on the ground we are taking the 1st steps into building this SG up.

**If you are interested in joining our ranks, please take the time to fill out a small survey so we can get to know you a little bit before we give you the "OK" to go ahead and make a card.**

**We have a required SG uniform. Players MUST have thier chosen suit on EVERY outfit. SG uniform must look respectable, no "goof-offs". Screenies and specs will be posted shortly. Players must be in prestige mode up until lvl 35 at all times, after lvl 35 its not required all the time, but the higher lvls will have prestige quotas to fulfill. So far, that's all the requirements that we have come up with.**

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