Welcome to the pirate den, yer land-lubbers!

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<BBR> a Singapore Based Guild is LF players to join our ranks. We raid twice per week. Wed/Sat/Sun. 8pm Singapore Time or 6am Server Time.
Naxx/OS/VOA (10 Men Reg Mode) on FARM Status. Now on Ulduar/TOC (10 men Reg Mode). We have 6 bank Tabs. Vent. We do organised Guild
Heroics Runs (Enchants is on the house as long as you join Guild Heroics Runs.)
Now Recruiting: All Classes . Pls pm one of our officers online to apply. (Oun/Xavo/Maraxus/Reym/Elendrill/Frostzealot/Khaien)

We're a fun loving band of mercenaries focusing on light raiding (10-man).

Our theme will be pirates residing in
Booty Bay, Stranglethorn. Be sure to get your pirates gears and parrots ready!

This guild is based in Singapore, and we are recruiting people from around the region, better matching timezone(GMT +8).

This will be our holding ground for now. Any up-coming events will be posted here. Keep a lookout!

We have MOVED to GORGONASH (US). The guild name is now BBR.

Guild founded: 28th May 2008
Name creator: Gil

Climb up the ranks of the pirates!

Tier  Name

1     Deckwasher - Recently joined member/Inactive
2     Corsair - Active new player
3     Buccanner - Experienced player
4     Navigator - Class officer/Raid leader
5     Pirate King - Guild leader

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Essential Mods and Addons

Please try to get the following mods as they are pretty useful and will cut you some time in boring stuff.

Mod Utility

Curse Client- This is an addon for addons that will help install and update all existing mods for WoW. Run it everytime before you start WoW. You could also use this program to install whatever popular mods out there by searching in it's database.

You can use Curse Client to search and install the following mods.

Because of the recent break-up between curse.com and wowmatrix, you should go to curse.com and download the addons manually.

Loot database

Atlasloot - A useful database showing possible loots from the bosses of each instance and more. Newly added Wishlist also allows you to plan gearing up options.

Instance Map

Atlas - A tool that brings up instance maps and shows the loot table of various bosses if you have Atlasloot installed.

Raid Tools

Deadly Boss Mods - An essential (must have) addon that warns you of incoming boss attacks and events as well as their timer.

Omen - A threat meter showing estimated threat on target. Must have for every raider. Over-aggro usually means wipe and time wasted.

Damage Meters

Recount - Records Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display

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