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Changes in the Ranks
Jul 15, 08 6:35 AM
Jul 10, 08 4:22 AM
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We are a social guild that raids/PvPs on the WoWscape funn server. We like meeting people, helping each other, and having fun!

In return, we ask our members to be mature and helpful while playing. We have one of the best players on the server, and i can say im proud to have such members.

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Changes in the Ranks

539601820_Inactive, Jul 15, 08 6:35 AM.
We have decided to do some changes within Ranks of the guild. A "Ancient" will be made. Its only for users dedicated and with great activity in the guild. Alsow all ranks will suffer changes, from recruit, to primary raiders.
Rank Details: Recruits : guild chat listen, guild chat write
                      Members: guild chat listen, guild chat write, withdraw funds from bank,(small ammount, 500 gold/day, 1 stack)
                      Primary Raiders: This rank will suffer the manny changes. For start they will not be able to invite more ppl, to read or write in the officer chat. The Withdraw of funds will be alsow limited to 5000k gold/day  and 5 stacks.
                      The "Ancient" Rank: This will be the new rank, and it will have lots of features. Unlimited withdraw from bank, officer write/listen, invite.

For members that wana get rank from now one we gonna set some standards of lvl-ing ur rank. Recruits will have only to attent at raids, to get the rank up. To get a primary raider from member u have to get at least 2 proffesion up at max lvl, gold deposits in guild bank, and loads of participation in guild raids.
To get "Ancient" Rank: in the first place only a few will get that high, and that after a council of the guild GM's.  This as i said will be available for only best of the best.
The GM rank will not ve available for anyone else BTW.
U can have only one character with "Ancient" not all of them. Alsow i wana add that one player cant have more than 3 primary raiders ranks withing the guild, so the rest will be just member.

In the Guild Raid Lootin the order will be Recruit<Member<Primary Raider<The new rank=GM. So i dont wana see " Why didnt i get that i got the higher roll" ( for this actualy alsow read guild rules)
This is not gonna be a free ride anymore, u have to earn ur rank.


539601820_Inactive, Jul 10, 08 4:22 AM.
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