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Guild Purposes ONLY for the funding of Guild related services such as Ventrillo.

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Mission Statement:

                "To honorably lead all to the greatness within, in a friendly and co-operative manner"

As Age of Conan begins its travel along the road of maturity, nearing its first year, the Prophets of Destruction have seen it as time to grace Hyboria with its presence. Born from the ashes of a former guild, we step forth on the ground work that has already been set for us in remembrance of the goals that went before. Honour, Loyalty, Togetherness, Determination, Dedication and HAVING FUN!

Primarily PoD will be aimed towards Australasian players, we welcome those from other time zones and gaming time periods. I myself am located in New Zealand, although I tend to float across many time zones based on what's going on in life. So, many attempts will be made towards broadening our active times.

Basic Guild rules are simple:

  • No Griefing
  • No Abuse of others
  • NO MINORS (language and behavior requirements)
  • Keep it friendly, if someone objects to swearing, take them into consideration and tone it down
  • No Begging
  • If you have a problem with someone, resolve it PRIVATELY between yourselves, if it is not resolvable bring it to the Officers.
  • Officers are there to help and to assist, rank is given on ability, not time playing. It is a privilege NOT a right.

So with that in mind, welcome to all members and prospective members, good luck in your gaming and may you all have a profitable and fulfilling life in game and out.


(Guild Master)

Back in Business
By Drakoiren, May 3, 10 12:06 PM

Well, PoD is back in business, after a fairly long absense that has seen many of our senior members off wandering the worlds of MMO's, we're back. With the expansion just a couple of weeks off, now seems a good time to begin the rebuild and re-jigging that we needed post merger.

All... Read More

Destination Wiccana
By Brothermort, Jan 13, 10 4:29 PM

Yes, you heard right. Gwahlur will be merging with Wiccana. It should be an interesting time.


PoD Crushes STC and Claims the Battlekeep for our own
By Drakoiren, Jun 10, 09 1:41 AM

at 7am GMT+12 this morning, PoD and a number of allies rallied together and complete the capture of the formerly STC owned Battlekeep of Oakenhome.

With the destruction of a signifigant number of wall segments, we were able to take control of the battlekeep and exceed the points required to w... Read More

Congratulations! Your guild city is now Tier 3. You may apply for Massive PvP battles.
By Drakoiren, Mar 17, 09 9:29 AM

At 2:08am on Wednesday 18th of March, the Prophets of Destruction
completed a task that many have fallen by the way side achieving.

The construction of our Tier 3 Keep!

With this one building, the last activity in the game is finally open to us. That of Siege PvP warfare.

... Read More

Return, Revival, Resurrection
By Drakoiren, Feb 23, 09 10:07 AM

As some of you will have noticed, the guild has done something of a re-invention from what it was when we began.

The history of this name change is long and time consuming, but I shall be writing it up for everyone sometime soon.

What has changed besides the name? Well there will be ch... Read More

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Current Guild Objectives    

Guild City & Battle Keep

The construction of the guild city takes sizable sums of money and resources.

Each wall segment & building costs Gold to make the plans, in addition to the resources needed as part of the construction

Please donate any excess cash and resources you have to the guild bank (found in any city hub Trader, or the guild city itself)

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