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Crusaders Blade
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Kara group 1 up and running!

amalissa69, Jul 17, 08 10:16 PM.
Group DDJ

MT -  Nabisko
OT/DPS - Pit
DPS - Sulphis
DPS - Markx
DPS - Magainah
DPS - Onehitter
DPS - Holyhazard
DPS - Dregor
DPS - Multitask
DPS - Kamirne

The first run of the week is on Tuesday at 6:30pm server time. Any other runs for the week are TBA.

The second group officially named "The Outkasts" will be forming shortly and the list will be up as soon as I have all slots filled!

Guild Portal undergoing changes!

amalissa69, Jun 11, 08 12:04 AM.
The site is still a work in progress. We are trying to get it laid out just right so it doesn't look so slapped together.

We are now in Karazhan! The normal raid schedule is Friday at 7pm server time, Saturday at 12pm server time, and Monday at 7pm. The raid form-ups following the Friday one are subject to cancellation depending on how many bosses have been brought down. We may try to get some heroics or normals in place of the Kara run.

Be sure to show up at the specified times if you want to run it! Be also sure to sign up in Group Calendar since the Kara runs should be listed there as well.

If you are coming to the site for the first time then do not forget to apply for membership so that you are able to post on the forums.
Guild Sticky Board
Required Addons!

Group Calendar 4.0.3 - This is what we use to track events in-game.

Omen r72207 - This is only required if you plan to raid, also useful for doing heroics but not really necessary.

These are downloadable from as a zip file. You would extract the folder in a typical windows install to C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns. WoW will automatically see it and load it upon startup.

Raid Pugging

Those people that are in a Kara raid group should not run Kara pugs, unless of course it's on a Monday and you weren't able to make your group's Kara runs. If you continually can't make the group runs then please allow someone else to fill your spot and then you can join Kara pugs when it fits your schedule. We do not have an official schedule for anything beyond Kara at the moment, however we may soon put a ZA group together. This means if you are in one of the Kara groups then you are free to pug any content past Karazhan.

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