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I am Back
Nov 19, 08 7:17 PM
What I am doing now
Jun 22, 08 2:40 PM

WE HAVE MOVED TO http://dark-hunters.guildlaunch.com/

Your Guildmaster, Shangun, is hard at work putting together the guild. We started May 10th 2008.

Currently, we are growing fast.  We already have a sweet looking tabard and three bank tabs.

To become a member on this site simply click the [New User] box near the login. Enter the info and i will get a request to make you a member. Please make the username your in-game toon's name so I can recognize you.  Then notify me in-game and I will approve you. If I am not on for a long time and you made an account I still periodically check the site to see if anyone has applied.

I started this guild because my old guild crashed and I was tired of hopping around from guild to guild. I eventually basically said, "Screw it," and started this guild.

I plan to always be running this guild and to be an awesome guild leader. Speaking of which, if I do something you think should be changed or if there is something that needs done please let me know.

Also. if any players harass you or break any rules let me know and I will investigate it. =)

Please continue with your support and keep recruiting!

Shangun, Guildmaster
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I am Back

shaboinker12, Nov 19, 08 7:17 PM.
Yes I am back and I hope to see all of us advance to 80 to be raiding again. Happy trails and good luck to 80. =D

What I am doing now

shaboinker12, Jun 22, 08 2:40 PM.
Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King has happened, we are now recruiting anyone above level 20. As people advance to 80 we will probably turn back into both a raiding and helping guild. Please start recruiting again so we can rise back up to our original number =).
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