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Welcome to the Conquest website!

Recruiting level 75-80's for tier 1 raiding. 

Recruiting 40-80ish's for raid group #2, which hopefully will be starting soon. 

Battlekeep is up and raiding has started.

Please contact Warmachine, Yard, Sage, Banned, Rhaavin or Minion if you are interested in joining.

Kylikki down.

Epikk, Aug 24, 08 10:51 PM.
Good job on Kylikki everyone.  See you at Vistrix on Tuesday.

Champion of the Honor Guard Down

Epikk, Jul 22, 08 9:30 PM.
Good work everyone.  On to the next.

The Battlekeep is claimed and built.

Epikk, Jul 17, 08 12:47 AM.
The Battlekeep is built so we can now enjoy Siege's.  A big thanks to everyone who contributed.  We now have claimed one of only nine possible server Battlekeeps and now we need to defend it.  There seem to be some health PvP and PvE buffs associated with the buildings.  We still need granite and yew to upgrade our Battlekeep to Tier 2 and all Tier 3 mats except for electrum for our Guild City and Tier 3 Battlekeep upgrade.

Perparing to raid.

Epikk, Jul 9, 08 8:51 AM.
75-80's should start gearing up.  Please check the Raid forum as we are going to set times for gear raids.   Post there if you intend to raid along with your available times.  These raids are NOT for XP but for gear so keep that in mind if you come.  Also, leveling should be the number one priority so if you dont have the time to level if you come to these raids then don't come.

Ventrilo Upgrade and Downtime

Epikk, Jul 9, 08 8:48 AM.
Sunday, July 13th late late in the evening I will be bringing down Ventrilo to upgrade the number of users.  Keep logging on!
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