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  Ok, some information on the guild. Lets start off with the name "Ender of Days" the whole idea came from when I was getting killed and camped by some alliance members and thought to myself, "When I hit 70 I'm going to kill and camp them so much its going to end their day they are going to stop playing and log off till tomorrow out of frustration." So, from that I'm sure you can come to the conclusion that we are a pvp guild but not at the expense of end game PvE.
      I myself (Nath) am 23 from NY so if you ever need me expect me on between 12pm and 3am obviously I wont be on that entire time..... well, maybe but generally I'm around or on an alt which are all in the guild and should be marked in public notes. If theres something you need or your gonna not be able to play for awhile just let me know I myself or someone else will help you to the best of our ability.
      Our end game content well as of now we are considered a new guild and the end game content consists of pvping or catching a pug together. I hope to change this as soon as humanly possible with help. However, once we do have the people for endgame were going to start by gearing everyone for heroics running heroics smoothly and then doing Kara. From what I have seen, if a guild cannot run heroics smoothly there is no chance at kara. Now I do have friends in guilds that are running Kara so I can get spots.
      Age maturity etc? Well im not going to lie to anyone we arenot exactly "family oriented" so we are assuming that everyone in the guild is 18+ even if you are not. There will most likely be foul language and adult content. That aside be nice to eachother not lame just friendlyish I on a daily basis taunt the other founder (Nad) but in no means do I wish to actually offend him.... too much.
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candycoatedbullet, May 13, 08 10:41 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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