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Designated Drinkers
Merger and Tradepost
Jun 4, 08 11:59 AM
Jun 1, 08 1:12 AM
Early Access!
May 13, 08 4:28 PM

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Welcome to the Designated Drinker's Website!

We are an Age of Conan guild, and have been around since Early Access. We are a guild that is always look for more people to have fun with. We love to quest, and even more love to PvP while questing.

If you are mature, or at least know what mature means, then you will probabbly be a good match for us.


Merger and Tradepost

539719172_Inactive, Jun 4, 08 11:59 AM.
We have an announcement to make! Designated Drinkers and "Is not Amused" are merging! This should have a positive impact for both of us, and allow us to take over Doomsayer. :-)

Also, the Tradepost is up! Good job guys!

539719172_Inactive, Jun 1, 08 1:12 AM.
We have the Keep built! We did good guys! See you all in game!

Early Access!

539719172_Inactive, May 13, 08 4:28 PM.
Early Access starts on May 17th! See you there!

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