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Cult of Suess
Member Crap
Aug 27, 09 10:05 PM
Coalitions Wanted
Aug 17, 09 12:57 PM
Aug 4, 09 1:53 PM
Coalition Opening
Apr 17, 09 8:35 AM
New Coalitions
Jan 11, 09 1:18 PM

Welcome to Suess's Website!

We are a freaking awesome SG. Very Active members online, always someone on. Top 100 coalitions... so obviously there is always someone there to help!

We just love having fun, don't require a log in period. All we ask is what every SG asks, "PLAY IN SG MODE!!!"

Enjoi!! :) - Kairi

We don't really have a theme, but everyone is welcome to make a "Dr. Seuss" themed toon.


Member Crap

KairiStorm2, Aug 27, 09 10:05 PM.
I would like to congradulate RoxTuf and Pheonix Mercury for being the first people besides the leaders to hit 1 mill prestige in the Culd of Suess! It's a big thing!

Also, the null Coalition was removed! Still looking for some good ones!

Coalitions Wanted

KairiStorm2, Aug 17, 09 12:57 PM.
We are on a hunt for GOOD active SG's to coalition with us. Preferably top 100 but if if they are not, they must be active and talkative.

I have asked:
The League of extraordinarily dressed Gentlepersons
Rum n' Chests

They all had no coalition spots open and Gents said they will tell someone they are gunna drop them and get back to us.

If you know of any SG's please let Any Leader know (Jeff, Emery, or Kairi) yesh Tinq is a leader, but thats because shes been with us the longest.

Thanks!!! - Kairi


KairiStorm2, Aug 4, 09 1:53 PM.
We have recently come in a fallout with nerdcore and have had to remove them from coalition but that does not mean we can team, talk, and be friend them. It was voted that it would be better off without them, plus they werent that active anyways.

We have 2 coalition openings i think at the moment:
Girls of Nukem High
Girls of Nukem High 3000
Feline Fellowship
Lords of Destruction
Team APEX Blackguard
Night Shift

We have one coalition that WILL NOT go away. So if anyone can find help on how to get it to go away. Trick is, it's technicially not a really super group. It has been deleted by the Devs since there were no members in it. So i can not simply just Delete it. the name is Blood's Heroes

Make sure to check all the pages on the website, i am sure i have updated most of them.

BTW Congrats on being number 34 on the server! out of Thousands of SG's AND VG's We are number 34! thats something to be proud of!

Coalition Opening

KairiStorm2, Apr 17, 09 8:35 AM.
I have deleted a Few Coalitions so i think we are left with :

Nukem Girls
Apex Black

haha those are all i can remember but i think we have atleast 3 spots open... 2 if i cant figure out how to delete "blood's Heroes" (btw if anyone knows how to delete a SG that is Not Active, as in, doesn't even show as a registered SG, let Kairi or emery know please.

Anyways If you know a SG whom is very Active, top 100 Preferably and may have a spot open for us, Please let kairi know @kairi storm2

I have been thinking about getting a new coalition but i want everyone to enjoi who is in that group, this isnt a Leader thing, its a everyone thing!

New Coalitions

KairiStorm2, Jan 11, 09 1:18 PM.
Just wanted everyone to know, i have kicked all of the old coalitions because they didn't seem fit for suess's inspirations and dreams. Our new coalitions seem to be more fitted for us and what we plan to do with out stay in Paragon City.

We still have slots open. 2. But we are saving them for someone who is more like us and willing to help. Not just anyone is Suess worthy.

Our Coalitions are as follows:

Uncontrolled Passion
Team Apex
Nerdcore Reserves
The Girls Of Nukem High
The Love Shak

If you have any GOOD ideas for a new Coalition Let me know!
Or if you have a problem with one of them, talk to me about it and we will see what we can do.
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