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Welcome to The Scarlett Crusade. We are a World of Warcraft Guild in the Runetotem server. We are a fun Guild based on trust, friendship and comedy.

We help do instances , quests , help gearout a guild brother or sister when we have the extra g's to afford it
We just started pushing towards raiding, while we are still getting our feet wet, we have a lot of heart and a lot of promise.

The Guild is like the bar in Cheers, a friendly place where everybody knows your name.   We say Hi when logging in, Goodbye when logging out.   We do know that there is a real world out there and that this is just a game.   We like to play, but we keep things in perspective.

The Guild is founded on the idea of respect for all players, guildies and non-guildies alike.   We respect camps and try to avoid escalating verbal into things where no one wins.

We try to help  as much as possible.   That said, we as that all guildies remember that if you ask for help and no one is able to come right then and there, people have their reasons.   They could be in a group and bailing on them is not polite, or they could be gettin ready to log and don't really have the time then.   Whatever, we ask that people trust each other.

Lastly, it is important to remember that we are a Family.   That means that you should think of the guild more like family, and less like your best friends.   As a Brotherhood, we are prepared to help and defend each other, even when we are not best of friends with a particular fellow guildie.   We are brothers and Sisters, and we watch out for each other.

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