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Almost Farm Status
Recruiting information
Sep 8, 08 8:41 AM
Up and Running
May 6, 08 1:32 PM
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Almsot Farm Status is a guild that is looking to run 5-mans and the 10-man Raids in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.  We currently are a small time, personal guild on the Auchindoun PVP-server and are actively recruiting new members (see News and Forums).  

I am currently working out server issues as well so that I can set up our real website and not this GP page
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Recruiting information

airmil123, Sep 8, 08 8:41 AM.
Currently Recruiting!

Almost Farm Status is currently recruiting new members to run all 5-man instances in higher-level BC and soon to be NORTHREND!!!  We'd like to have two-three  groups (10-15 people) running in hopes to have a combined effort at level 80 in raiding the 10-man versions of the Northrend raids.  If all goes well, we will expand into the 25-man raids for better gear, achievements, and progression.  

Current Recruiting Classes:

Death Knights: 1-2 (depends upon release) 
Druids: 0
Hunters: 2
Mages: 2  (Fire or Frost)
Paladins: 2  (1 Prot, 1 Holy)
Priests: 1 (Holy)
Rogues: 3
Shamans: 0
Warlocks: 1
Warriors: 1 (Prot)

This should allow us to run a different compositions of 5-mans and several back-ups for the 10-man raids in WotLK.

For Questions and Answers, please see the Forums.

Up and Running

airmil123, May 6, 08 1:32 PM.
Almost Farm Status is up and running wit it's new Guild Portal web site! 
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