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Welcome to <Cruentus>

If you're looking for a fun Guild, where people understand the meaning of Teamwork, then you've come to the right place...And we're happy you did.

If you you're looking for the "boss you all around", "control your entire life" kinda Guild, that's not us.

We're a Guild based on Friendship and Good Times, coupled with a solid set of Core Values....Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.
Membership: We don't spam for members here.  Many players in our Guild have been playing together for many years.  If you're interested, hook up with a member in the Realm.  If you're cool, we'll invite you.  One thing to keep in mind though.  We're an adult Guild.  No offense, but kids should play with kids, and adults should play with adults....Just the way it is.

Guild Raid Group:  Not for everyone.  Well, what I mean is this...It's more structured, more demanding, and less forgiving HAHA!!  In reality, the Guild Raid Group is for folks looking to take it to the next LvL.  It's for those who seek to learn more, exhibit a good deal of Teamwork, and have WAY too much time on their hands.  Who it's not for....The person who says, "well I finally made LvL 70.  I'm the toughest dude around.  Nobody can tell me anything about this game." 

Let me also say this about the Guild Raid Group, though we have extended every effort to open this option up for as many folks who are interested (and prepared), signing up for a raid does not exactly mean that you get to go (Tank and Healer roles must be filled before DPS).  Also, just because there are 12 people signed up for a 10 man raid, doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't sign up.  There may be an opening because of a varity of reasons.  Mainly, be understanding and open minded when it comes to raiding.  The progression of the Guild, and the other 9 or 24 people will likely come before a DPS'er putting out 300 DPS.  I've stepped out of raids to see the guild progress (Verinus), and so have others.  Don't give up.  You'll get there.

If you wanna know more, seek out the Guild Raid Master (Sangrail).

Currently Recruiting: Healers, and Tanks for the Guild Raid Group.  Must be a Team Player and must be able to adhere to the values outlined above.  If you think you fit the mold, seek out Verinus or any other guild officer. 
Other Guild News

Raid Group Victory

ctrsniper762, Feb 10, 09 12:25 PM.
Awesome job everyone!!!  Cruentus takes the hill and clears (H) Naxx, thrusting the guild to #10 Ranking on the Alliance, and #20 overall on the server.

This couldn't have been done if not for the tremendous efforts on behalf of everyone.  Keep up the great teamwork that has allowed you all to enjoy such great success.  You've proven to everyone, all the nay-sayers, that there is a such thing as a successful Casual/Raiding guild.

Naxx Cleared...Finally!!!

ctrsniper762, Dec 23, 08 6:57 AM.
Last night was without a doubt a very determined group.  After countless wipes on Sapphiron (at least 20 this week), we finally downed him.  Then, without pause, the guild moved right in on Kel'Thuzad.  I don't know if we were ticked or what, but in about 6 attempts he was nothing but a little black ball on the floor LOL.  Thanks to everyone for all their efforts throughout the week, those who went once, those who sat out for others, and those who went everyday.

Guild 1st WotLK Raid Encounter!!!

ctrsniper762, Dec 12, 08 6:28 AM.
Let the games begin!!!    Friendly forces held Wintergrasp, so we moved in quick and took down the boss there.  We then took the fight to the Chamber of Aspects and laid to rest Sartharion in her own lava filled grave.  Full of lust for battle, we flanked the Scourge and penetrated Naxx, putting an end to the terror that was Anub'Rekahn.

Great job everyone.  It was as if we never stopped raiding, and felt really good.  Gratz to all the nice loot.

Library Section Expanded

LochenTwo, Dec 2, 08 2:08 PM.
The Library Tab had been pretty empty. It has now been expanded to include links to: the class specific EJ forums
Several General WoW Help sites
Class specific boards
and some Web Comics

If you know a class site that is not on the list and would like it added, feel free to make a post to request it anywhere on the forums.
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