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Clan Ventrilo
Jun 11, 08 6:47 PM
Eslava is now Vice Leader
May 9, 08 4:52 PM
Acheron Chooses Republicans
May 6, 08 9:32 PM
Acheron Has a New Address!
May 3, 08 6:22 PM
New Clan Reformed
May 2, 08 6:43 AM

Welcome to Acheron's Guild Site

We are not just a clan, we are a community. We accept members of any level as long as you fit the following critera:

  1. Speak english
  2. Are not an a-hole
  3. Plan on actually playing the game

Our philosophy is simple; we just want to have fun. If you do too, make a post under our Recruitment section in the Forums.

What you can look forward to:

  • Helpful and knowledgeable clan members
  • Clan item storage and loans
  • An active chat window
  • Daily raids and levelling squads
  • PvP including tournaments and war
  • Additional clan buffs

Contact our leader Barstool or our vices Azuer or K1LL4.

Our members are what makes us Acheron.

All members are required to add a new character to their forum account and associate this character with GuildWars.

Instructions as below:

2. Go to Characters & Settings (top left).
3. Add New Character (This is your Family Name in Sword).
4. Choose Guild Wars as your game name.

Clan Ventrilo

caitlinnie, Jun 11, 08 6:47 PM.
Following recent Teamspeak server downtime and discussions on Ventrilo vs. Teamspeak, we have now changed our main chat programme to Ventrilo. Details on setting this up can be found in the member forums.

Eslava is now Vice Leader

caitlinnie, May 9, 08 4:52 PM.
Eslava has been nothing short of a life saver for Acheron. He is kind, generous, helpful and, most of all, committed. He checks the official forums regularly for news and has put much effort in Acheron as a clan and community. We hope you will all support Eslava in his new role as Vice Leader. He definitely deserves it. On a final note, get well soon Eslava.

Acheron Chooses Republicans

539697843_Inactive, May 6, 08 9:32 PM.
Acheron joined Republican faction. Check forums for further details
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