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Golden Blade

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Welcome to Golden Blades...

Welcome to both visitors and members alike. 

A little background about us. We were formed April of 2008 as a small guild of friends. Over the years we have seen our membership wan and wax like most guilds but have kept the same core group of people coming back. We were founded on the idea of making forward progress in new raid content while also not forcing people to have to show up to stay part of the guild. We also promote a fun family like environment for all current members and those who have not joined yet. 

Currently we have a weekend raid team that raid Friday and Saturday nights, and are starting a second group to raid on two weekday nights. If we end up getting enough members interested we will start a third.

We have several members right now leveling alts and a few who are interested in running old school transmog runs. If you are interested in joining look any of us up and we will be glad to have you join our ranks.
Raid Add-on (Highly Suggested)
We highly suggest these add-ons to help with our raid progression teams.

Deadly boss mods (raid warnings,timers)
Healbot (Healing aid)
Vuhdo (Healing aid)
CLC (First come first serve helper for non rotation classes)
Spell Flash (caster FCFS helper)
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