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Look it all the Colors!
Apr 30, 09 8:08 PM
Feb 10, 09 5:21 AM
Raiders Wanted
Jan 7, 09 2:02 AM
Account Security
Dec 24, 08 4:49 PM
Ventrilo For All
Dec 23, 08 5:19 AM
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   Welcome to the CODE of HONOR official guild website. CODE of HONOR (CoH) is a premier guild of the KIRIN TOR realm that features the best in role playing and player vs player adventure. CoH has been active since the inception of WARCRAFT. We provide our members with an extensive knowlege base and "hands on" support which enhances their gameplay in many immeasurable ways. CoH members enjoy a private ventrilo server (teamspeak),access to a large guild bank and an attractive tabard to wear with pride. To all of our existing members.."We applaud the unique contributions you have brought to your guildmates". To those of you interested in joining us...."Are you up to the challenge to game with a CODE of HONOR??
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Look it all the Colors!

Zentakitty, Apr 30, 09 8:08 PM.
Ello all! Badgerlock was kind enough to let me get in here and help out. Ill be playing with colors..Oh the colors! and such. So bear with me. Plus we may archive some of the threads to clean it up a bit. Make sure ya let me know what ya think.


Badgerlock(warrior), Feb 10, 09 5:21 AM.
ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS.By clicking the edit button on the bottm left of the calender you now have the ability to create events . Please use discretion and limit to organizing instances,raids and VERY special events. This is what we were working towards and why all needed to apply for Portal Membership. All raids will be posted here so you can click on them and sign-up. You can also supply info reguarding your availability issues RE: may be late or cant stay till the end etc. This will help us gather replacements and alternates in advance and save alot of time as well as hurtfull misunderstandings. I encourage anyone that is frustrated trying to get a group to try posting a run and see who signs up. Keep doing that until you succeed. When we get everyone in the habbit of checking the portal site I believe many of our issues will be resolved. Yours Truly,Badgerlock    

PS, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to type

Raiders Wanted

Cillene, Jan 7, 09 2:02 AM.
The new raid loot system is active as of January 6th.  The Master List has been created in the Forums under Raid Rules And Loot Reel Lists.  If you are a guild member or a member of an allied guild, the first raid you are on will get you on the Master List.  

You can send Nikkita an in-game email and get put on sooner.  Yes, we do reward people who communicate. 

Account Security

Jaheia, Dec 24, 08 4:49 PM.
   All guild mates should be aware that there has been an increasing number of accounts in WoW that are being hacked. It is strongly advised that all members look up the advised steps to prevent problems. Also be aware that the officers of the guild will be taking steps to safeguard guild bank if any further problems occour within Code of Honor itself. This will include reducing affected accounts to suspension rank until such a time as the situation is resolved, and may involve the closeing of guild bank. Please, if you see any questionable activity on any of our members accounts advise an officer ASAP and we will look into it. Also I would ask that we, as a guild, get behind any of our member who have been hacked, and do what we can to help them recover.

Ventrilo For All

Badgerlock(warrior), Dec 23, 08 5:19 AM.
Please do not hesitate to share our ventrilo info with a friend or pug.It is there for all members to enhance our game. ....Have I mentioned how much I hate typing lately?
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