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Welcome to Sanctuary!

Sanctuary is an existing shell, starting as a New Linkshell found on the Garuda server of FFXI. Our intention is to become a Linkshell-Centric group focused on growth as a whole.

Our systems will be designed to reward interaction between linkshell members in the hopes of building a stronger bond between members, and thus a stronger shell as a whole.

Currently, we intend to participate in Sky as a group, Missions (CoP/ZM/Nation/ToAU), Pop NM's, and other various events, and eventually expand into Dynamis and Limbus. Our points system will reward members for any linkshell-based event's drops, excluding Dynamis.

The core of our membership is US Eastern and Central based. Therefore, many of the larger events will be scheduled to run at times between 7:00pm EST and Midnight EST.

Many of our members have been in other linkshells that went daily or near-daily to events like sky, and we realize how easy it is to burn out quickly doing so. We aim to schedule varying events throughout the week instead of repeatedly having the same event day after day.

Due to previous experiences, we ask that you submit an application, although i understand internet access may not always be present. For this matter, please contact us in game on "Malikai" and/or "Vaulaut", and let us know your interest in joining our Shell.

Hope to see you soon!


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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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