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Fan Friday, August 6th

elspath, Aug 6, 10 2:32 PM.
So a new release of information i thought was interesting.  Noticing that the races revealed are each connected to classes again...   Ah yes the star wars univers has always been so stricked on classes / races.  Not like everyone can pick up just a gun and shoot it that would make sense  ~gasps~   Well atleast the history was atleast interesting...  

New Playable Species!

So far we’ve only dropped hints about the range of playable species in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. You may have heard about the Rattataki Bounty Hunter, Chiss Imperial Agent, or the Twi’lek Smuggler, but we can tell you now that all classes will include optional non-human species.

Among the most exciting character types you’ll be able to choose from is the Sith Pureblood. For the first time ever in a video game, Players can choose to be a member of the original Sith Race, the red-skinned descendants of such notorious Sith Lords as Naga Sadow and Marka Ragnos. The rage of these fallen ancestors of the Sith Pureblood lives on in the Sith Warriors who dominate the battlefield with their intimidating presence and aggressive tactics.

A near-human species with unrivaled strength in the Force, Miraluka can become powerful Jedi Knights. Hailing from a homeworld with no visible light waves, the Miraluka evolved to see their surroundings entirely through the Force. To cover their vestigial eye sockets, they wear veils and blindfolds that range from colorful to austere. Miraluka Jedi Knights charge into battle with the Force guiding the graceful attacks of their Lightsabers to always hit home.

As one of the most wise and mystical species in the galaxy, the green-skinned Mirialans can become powerful Jedi Consulars. Mirialans are known for their symbolic facial tattoos and natural agility. They are also respected for their patience and insight. Mirialan Jedi Consulars lead Republic Forces into battle with assurance and harness powerful Force energies to defeat their enemies.

Among the slaves serving the Sith Empire, there are many aliens with Force potential, but few species have the grit to join the ranks of the Sith. A proud species from an inhospitable world, Zabraks are among the few with the determination and ferocity to become Sith Inquisitors. Sporting horns and facial tattoos, these fierce aliens are self-reliant and aggressive. Zabrak Sith Inquisitors intimidate both their enemies and their colleagues with their fighting prowess and ruthless command of the Force.

As excited for these playable species as we hope you are, the list is not yet complete. We look forward to announcing further options in the coming months. We will also have additional details on the species above, so check the Inhabitants section regularly to make sure you get the latest information available.

The Mandalorian Wars

The Mandalorian Wars included some of the bloodiest battles in the Republic’s history. Mandalore the Ultimate’s relentless campaign to goad the Jedi into open conflict cost the lives of millions. Though the entrance of a Jedi splinter faction into the war is perceived as the factor that turned the tide against the Mandalorians, the perseverance of Republic soldiers and pilots like Carth Onasi cannot be underestimated. Jedi Master Gnost-Dural’s historical investigation analyzes the conflict with the perspective of modern events, highlighting the implications for the war against the Sith Empire.

BTC 311 – Too often, the Mandalorian Wars are characterized solely as a prelude to the Jedi Civil War, but the events surrounding the conflict itself bear close examination. When Mandalore the Ultimate called together the clans and began augmenting his armies further with Neo-Crusaders, his intention was to pull the Jedi Order into open conflict. As is the tradition in their culture, the Mandalorians sought to establish themselves as the most powerful faction in the galaxy by defeating the faction they considered to be their greatest rivals. Though the Jedi Council resisted the Mandalorian challenge, the splinter group led by Revan and Malak eventually joined the fray and won the war. Though there has never been a hint that the Sith were involved in the Mandalorian Wars, new analysis from Jedi Master Gnost-Dural suggests that the influence of the dark side was involved. The bittersweet victory in the Mandalorian Wars took a toll on the Republic for which the price is still being paid to this day…

Watch the latest Timeline holorecord, The Mandalorian Wars narrated by actor Lance Henriksen.

You can also download a high resolution version of this video.

Nar Shaddaa: Crowning Jewel of the Underworld

Circling the planet Hutta is its largest moon – Nar Shaddaa, the ultimate corrupt city. Dominated by underworld concerns and owned by the Hutts, this sprawling mass of skyscrapers is considered one of the most dangerous and exciting places in the galaxy, where anything can be had for the right price.

Access the HoloNet to learn more about Nar Shaddaa. Check out this video to see the endless city that covers the moon's landscape. Also, don’t forget to visit the media section for never-before-seen screenshots, concept art, and wallpapers showing this capital of illegal commerce.

Fan Friday July 16th & X-Play Preview / Discussion

Elspath DarkRose, Jul 16, 10 2:35 PM.
Three updates today witch are good.   The comic is getting better and better in my opinion and the developer dispatch has some lovely music and shows some very neat in game stop.   Hopefully everyone will enjoy!

Music of the Old Republic

The emotional experience of Star Wars™ comes to life in new music created exclusively for The Old Republic™. From soft melodies that ring in the forest of Alderaan to the magnificent booming of a battle scene on Ord Mantell, a talented team of composers, musicians and developers came together to create a magical score for the game.

Watch Developer Dispatch: Music of The Old Republic to see what goes into weaving the familiar Star Wars riffs with a new original score. And learn how music impacts the thrilling moments in video games as well as movies.


Sounds of the Old Republic

"Sound is 50 percent of the moviegoing experience, and I've always believed audiences are moved and excited by what they hear in my movies at least as much as by what they see.” – George Lucas

When you consider the legacy of Star Wars™, what you hear has indeed moved and excited its fans: the orchestral score, the Cantina music, Chewie’s roar, and the pew-pew of a blaster rifle instantly take us to a galaxy far, far away. Developing sound for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ requires that we bring together the talents of dialogue writers, cinematic designers, voice-over actors, musicians, engineers, and production teams at both LucasArts and BioWare. It’s our job to create an audio experience that enhances the emotional experience of the game and reaches the quality level expected of the Star Wars franchise. As fans and as game makers, we’re excited and privileged to breathe life into every planet, every weapon, and every creature that beeps, squawks, or just plain talks…and it’s not as easy as it, er, sounds.


Audio in The Old Republic, just as with the rest of the game, begins with the storytelling. As you all know by now, for the first time ever in an MMO, every quest and character will come to life fully voiced. This is a Star Wars saga that gives new meaning to the word ‘epic’: eight unique class storylines, thousands of hours of gameplay, and hundreds of thousands of dialogue lines. It is likely the largest voiceover project in entertainment history. BioWare’s Senior Director of Development Operations, Shauna Perry, remarked last year that it takes an army of people to pull this effort together, and we’ve only grown since then.

As you would imagine, all dialogue in the game begins with the writing team. They brainstorm storylines, characters, and quests, and then they hammer out the script. But that’s only the beginning. Every outline and every line of dialogue is reviewed and revised many times. Each piece has to deliver in terms of character, cinematics, storytelling, and Star Wars tone. It’s a long and thorough process, but that’s how we get to the quality level that LucasArts and BioWare are known for.

Then, after we’ve got all the dialogue nailed down, we’ve got to cast the actors, book the studios, and direct the voiceover recording. Fortunately, we benefit from some incredible experience on this, including Darragh O’Farrell, LucasArts’ Director of Audio and the voice director responsible for the both of the ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ (KOTOR) games. We also benefit greatly from LucasArts Voice Director Will Beckman—who has to date helmed over six hundred voice sessions on this project alone. They’ll tell you—this is an incredibly delicate process. These aren’t just lines of dialogue but vibrant characters that will become your friends, your enemies, and even your own alter ego as you live out your adventures. To cast the characters, we’ve scoured film, television, theater, and beyond to make these characters feel as unique and interesting as they deserve to be. We’ve also secured some of the best talent in the industry and fan favorites from previous BioWare and Star Wars titles. I’m excited every time I hear a clever companion character or assassin droid come to life for the first time. Once written, cast, recorded, edited, mastered, creatively processed (think about the electronic voice of C-3PO or Darth Vader), vetted for quality, implemented, and breathed to life by the animators, these characters will pass over a dozen desks, multiple state and country lines, and diligent play-testing. And that’s just in English…


All this dialogue is dizzying, but some of the most memorable characters in Star Wars are known for more… unorthodox… speaking patterns. Part of the fun of a fully voiced Star Wars game is bringing life to the countless aliens that inhabit the galaxy: the Mos Eisley Cantina wouldn’t have been very fun if everyone had been from the Royal Shakespeare Company. Some of these species “speak” for themselves—we have a fair idea what Jawas sounds like, though it takes a skilled designer to craft conversational Wookiee roars—while others we’ve hardly heard. How do you negotiate in Ithorian? How about Drallish, Pak-Pak, or through the gas-bladder wheeze of a Gand? I’ve had the chance to help Will Beckman write out and conceptualize entire languages—coolest job ever—and for less-spoken languages, we’ve had talented improvisational actors “feel out” the bovine stylings of the Gran. With tens of thousands of lines of alien dialogue and over fifty different species pouring into the game, we’ve paid special attention to varying and hand-placing these exotic encounters and we’re confident this will be an experience that fans of Cantina flavor will appreciate.


Speaking of the Cantina, as memorable as its customers are, there’s also the entertainment. There are few original songs in movie history as memorable as John Williams’ “Cantina Band” and we’re happy to say there is original Cantina music in The Old Republic. Star Wars veteran Peter McConnell has worked crafted songs that will sound familiar to fans of the original trilogy while playing with the idea that we’ve got three thousand years before A New Hope and the Modal Nodes. My particular favorites are vocalized cabaret songs that you might hear in dim Imperial bars on worlds like Dromund Kaas: imagine an off-duty Imperial officer kicking up his feet with a Corellian Brandy, watching his troops whoop it up to a Twi’lek Dietrich, one wary eye on the Mandalorian sitting in the back. That’s the iconic atmosphere we want to create.

No Star Wars game would be complete without orchestral music, of course, and LucasArts Music Supervisor Jesse Harlin has pulled together an impressive score, the largest we’ve ever done. He, Mark Griskey, and our team of composers have written five hours of new fully orchestrated score for the game. Recorded with a full 80-piece symphony orchestra at Skywalker Ranch, all of the music in the game combined is enough content to fill an entire new trilogy of Star Wars films. Observant fans will note that some of our recent materials—like the “Hope” cinematic trailer—benefit from the inclusion of some of these new pieces and we’re so far thrilled with the results. It’s not all about quantity, though. Guided by BioWare’s Director of Audio, Todd Davies, one of the coolest things we’ve developed for the game is a music system that ensures every scene is dramatically—but tastefully—scored. Our audio designers work together to decide when a moment needs musical emphasis or even simply a beat of silence to let a scene breathe. We’ve also been careful on both sides to ensure that each class has their own distinct themes to accompany their stories—you won’t hear Han and Leia’s theme in an Old Republic class story, but you will hear a new Bounty Hunter theme that brings your adventures its own flair and subtly introduce your presence to group mates.


Understanding that combat is really the bread and butter of any MMO, we’ve been focusing on bringing choreographed, action-packed Star Wars combat to The Old Republic. All eight of our character classes allow players to fill the boots of a different Star Wars archetype and, as such, there are hundreds of weapons in the game ranging from lightsabers to blaster rifles to cannons, even flamethrowers. As rewards and character progression are tied so closely to the gear that you’re picking up, it’s vital that an early-level weapon sound substantially different from a punchier later-level version of the same. The sheer volume of different items and the player demand for weapons that will stand out from the pack has also given us the creative freedom to augment our traditional “pew pew” blaster rifles with more outside-the box variants that will surprise players and intimidate their foes. Lightsabers in particular are a great chance for exploration with every flavor of traditional “vwooooms” combining with truly unique and bass-heavy sabers that will give a terrifying Sith Warrior a rush of power. We’re taking traditional sound effects and then tweaking them in dozens of different ways, pulling the most out of the source material provided by KOTOR veteran Julian Kwasneski and taking the sound variety to a new level. As these weapons combine with sizzling Force powers like Force Lightning and crunching specials like Stock Strike, the resulting sound combinations are as dynamic and varied as any weapon system I’ve heard in an MMO.

To that end, the worlds you’ll be exploring are wild and dangerous places, filled with creatures both fierce and friendly. Every creature type is being individually scored to ensure that you’re not hearing the same Tuk’ata snarl over and over again. You’ll hear gundarks come to life, feel yourself tense as a nexu catches your scent, and wince as an acklay lays into you with a vicious critical hit. It’s important that we be smart about not only what player does hear, but also what the player doesn’t: you’ll hear lightning in the distant skies of Dromund Kaas and the squish of swamp beneath your feet, but the audio will never drown out ambience or tension.


Whether you’re smuggling for a vile Hutt, addressing your Jedi or Sith Masters, plotting your next bounty over a drink in a Cantina, or dodging the jaws of a snarling rancor, the teams at BioWare and LucasArts have worked to bring you a world that feels and sounds like Star Wars. The Old Republic will be exciting and immersive, filled with places you’ll be thrilled to explore for the first time…and excited to return to again and again.

Orion Kellogg
Audio Producer, LucasArts

Blood of the Empire #7!

In the seventh issue of Blood of the Empire™, Teneb Kel finds himself beaten and bloodied in the aftermath of the Lenico colony's destruction. Trapped on a strange planet, he must draw upon the ancient Sith arts in order to ensure his survival--and to learn the secrets he needs to resume his vendetta against Exal Kressh.

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!


Star War: The Old Republic Preview Discussion

Star War: The Old Republic Preview Discussion

Video Description: Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb talk about the upcoming PC game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Find out what Adam and Morgan think about Star Wars: The Old Republic in this Preview Discussion.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Preview

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update Preview

Video Description:
Blair Herter gives you a preview of the upcoming PC game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Find out about the customization features, class leveling, combat, weapons, classes and more in this X-Play Preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Fan Friday July 9th

Elspath DarkRose, Jul 9, 10 1:27 PM.
This week is another light one im afread.  Only thing worth mentioning is the annoucement that Testing is beginning soon.  So good luck to all those that signed up.  I wish I was picked but I have really bad luck with being picked for beta's of lately.   ~sighs~   On a second note Darth Hater has a very nice artical i suggest everyone checks out on there impressions of E3,  was a very nice read.

Game Testing is Underway

Game Testing for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is underway! Those selected to test will gain access to the game and be able to provide valuable feedback to help us tune particular areas of gameplay and begin the process of balancing and tweaking our content.

Game Testing is an on-going process being rolled out in several phases. These phases began with smaller, more focused tests with community members from North America, and later will expand to other territories. Users selected for the test program will be notified via email with more information on accessing the Game Testing Portal. If you’ve not been chosen yet, you may be selected in the next wave!

If you haven’t signed up already, it’s definitely not too late! If you’re not already a member of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, click here to become one today! Be sure to check the box to indicate you are interested in becoming a tester. If you’re already a member, go to the Game Testing Portal to begin the sign up process. Note that you must be at least 18 years of age to accept the Game Tester Agreement.

Please keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will be selected once you have completed the sign-up process. For more information about testing Star Wars: The Old Republic, take time to read the Game Testing FAQ.

We’re looking forward to your help in making Star Wars: The Old Republic a success!

Comic-Con Kick-Off

Comic-Con International is coming to San Diego, California! Get connected with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ at several booths as well as at the “Beyond Solo: Crafting the Multiplayer Story” panel taking place during the event. And don’t forget, Friday, July 23rd is Star Wars™ Day! Arrive dressed as your favorite class or character from The Old Republic to show your support!

Blood of the Empire

Head over to the Dark Horse booth where Alexander Freed, Senior Writer at BioWare, will be available to sign a page from Blood of the Empire™. Alexander has been part of the writing team for Star Wars: The Old Republic since 2006 and his recent work includes writing the Blood of the Empire webcomic. Don’t miss this rare chance to get an autographed copy of one of the Dark Horse signing books! 

“Hope” Cinematic Trailer

The “Hope” cinematic trailer received an outstanding response from fans! Visit the Star Wars booth during the San Diego Comic-Con to get another look at “Hope” on the big screen. We will be showing the trailer three or four times per day. Visit the Star Wars booth to find out days and times that the trailer will be shown.

Star Wars Panels Schedule

On Friday, July 23rd, get into The Old Republic by checking out the panels taking place in the Star Wars room (Room 7AB). Panels fill up fast so if you want a spot, be sure to get there early! Attendees are not required to clear out when a panel is finished, so consider attending earlier meetings to reserve your seat.

12:00-1:00PM - Star Wars: Collectibles Update

Join Chris Spitale of Lucasfilm Licensing and the creators of some of the most tantalizing Star Wars collectibles, for a look at product development insights. Look forward to exclusive previews of what’s coming next for the Star Wars franchise, and what to expect from the hottest new collectibles.

1:00-2:00 PM – Beyond Solo: Crafting the Multiplayer Story in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Meet up with James Ohlen (Studio Creative Director and Lead Designer, BioWare) Drew Karpyshyn (Principal Writer, BioWare), and Alexander Freed (Managing Editor, BioWare), along with Morgan Webb (G4's X-Play)as they discuss the creation of the multiplayer, planet-spanning story in Star Wars: The Old Republic. While much attention has been paid to the unique individual stories of each of the eight classes in the game, the team is excited to share their approach to the broader stories that players will experience in The Old Republic.

2:00-3:00 PM - Inside the Force

Join Dave Filoni (Supervising Director), Joel Aron (CG Supervisor) and Kilian Plunkett (Lead Designer) as the Lucasfilm Animation Artists take you on an in-depth journey from script to screen, showing how an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is made. See how the animation style transformed from season one to the upcoming season three.

Meet the Developers Event

To relax from all the comic madness, we’re putting together an intimate event where fans can meet some of The Old Republic developers. We’ll be hanging out at Dick’s Last Resort from 5PM – 7PM on Friday, July 23rd, so be sure to come by and say hi!

We’ve updated the Events page to announce The Old Republic’s presence at the San Diego Comic-Con, so check back there for any schedule changes. See you there!

Fan Friday July 2nd & the MMO Report Part 2

Elspath DarkRose, Jul 2, 10 7:03 PM.
This week is basically just a rehash of information from E3 that we have already seen.  Personally im not to excited and i seen the bit of Old Republic game play before from G4 live broadcast,  hence its already posted here...   so umm... yeah...   The other thing is the part 2 to the MMO Reports E3 coverage.  No Old Republic info in it but sense i brought part 1 i might as well do part to as well.  Otherwise this would have been a wasted week of news and information.   Oh well enjoy...

E3 Multiplayer Demo

During E3 we gave live demos of multiplayer game play in The Old Republic for the press. Now we want to share the demo with the community! This demo shows how a diverse group of players use their abilities to complement one another in battle.

Commander Narlock readies his troops for an Imperial assault. As he does, all four Republic classes; a Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, and Trooper join together to assist in fighting off the attack. Watch as each player does his or her part to take on the enemies, and beat the Imperial Troopers and Imperial Breach Droids.


In conjunction with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles we will be publishing a special edition Fan Friday. As we release new exciting information about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we’ll be updating this article daily to share the big announcements with you. So be sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything.

MMO Report

We've done it! Finally we have the second and final piece of The MMO Report's coverage of E3 2010! This episode features interviews with developers from Jumpgate: Evolution, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, DC Universe Online, and The Agency. Now that's a lot of content for just one episode. Yeah, we're too good to you.

Speaking of which, don't forget to enter our Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Swag Giveaway Sweetstakes at Everyone loves free stuff!

Oh, and until we return next week with some fresh, up-to-date news, why not give our friends over at some attention.

Fan Friday June 25th & the MMO Report Part 1

Elspath DarkRose, Jun 25, 10 1:54 PM.
Well the Fan Friday update is still being worked on but Bioware promises to have it up soon today.  Hopefully it will be something really good for the wait.   But tell then here is Part one of the MMO Reports E3.   This Video has a few mmo interviews including Star Wars the Old Republic.    One other I suggest people look at is Vindictus.   Should be a very interesting game though I don't expect much from a free to play Korean mmo,  Even though it offers a completely remake on what we normally think of a MMO and probably some of the best in game play engine footage I have seen in a long time,  Enjoy!


They finally released this weeks update and it comes in the form of a comic strip.  Nothing that grand.  Makes you wonder if they had something else planned that didn't make it in time.  Though there were many posts saying that a update was just late,  nothing more to it.   ~shrugs~  anyways enjoy!

Update: Part 2!

Sense its lite this week and i just got home so its late here i will add another update that some of you might be interested.   Paul S. Kemp Recently added a Except of his new Old Republic Novel.  So im going to post it on a bored with a link to his blog.  So check it out!

Blood of the Empire #6!

In the sixth issue of Blood of the Empire™, Teneb Kel fights for his life as Lenico Colony Blue collapses around him. The Emperor's apprentice has proven vastly more powerful than anyone realized--it will take all Teneb's skills and resources to survive, let alone complete his mission. But can he rely on his closest ally in his moment of need, or will he face betrayal?

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!


E3 2010 Update by Star Wars the Old Republic - Updated Friday June 18th

Elspath DarkRose, Jun 16, 10 3:03 PM.
Heres a update brought to you by the Star Wars the Old Republic website on E3 news.   One of the more useful things is the video links to G4's Half hour Special on the Old Republic.  It was a wonderful little tidbit of information and some nice game play and information.   Plus at the end another statement that the old Republic will be out spring 2011.  But first hers a little interview from the Darth Hater I thought was wonderful, So Enjoy!

Blood of the Empire #5!

In the fifth issue of Blood of the Empire™, Teneb Kel comes face to face with Exal Kressh, the Emperor's apprentice! But what power does she possess, and what secrets will she reveal to the man sent to kill her? Meanwhile, Maggot's night off continues, and new faces observe from the shadows. It's the beginning of a night full of revelations...

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

The Old Republic @ E3 2010

In conjunction with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles we will be publishing a special edition Fan Friday. As we release new exciting information about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we’ll be updating this article daily to share the big announcements with you. So be sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything.

E3 2010 has concluded!

It has been a sensational week for The Old Republic at the E3 Press Conference! Thanks to everyone for checking in throughout the week and supporting The Old Republic. It’s inspiring to see the community charged up with excitement for this game. Thanks for all your support!

To wrap up the week, we have two final announcements to share with you.

War Zones

It’s time to defend your allegiance. As the war heats up, heroes are needed on both sides and it's not enough to fight alone. Unite with your allies from all over the galaxy and travel to the War Zones to defend the Republic or the Empire!

War Zones are specifically tailored for team versus team combat, and players will experience fierce battles between the Republic and Empire, evoking memories of the famous Star Wars ground conflicts.

This week we announced that the first War Zone will be located in the majestic mountains of Alderaan. Players will join their allegiance’s fight for control of several important areas. Over time we’ll reveal more information about the Player versus Player experiences in The Old Republic.

Playable Species

The Ratattaki was the first non-human species we announced in The Old Republic and we showed them being played as butt-kicking Bounty Hunters. Today we are revealing that as a stealthy Imperial Agent you can choose to be a Chiss and as a charming Smuggler you can choose to be a Twi’lek. There is more information coming on these, and other, playable species at a later date, so stay tuned to The Old Republic website.

Armor Progression

We know that character progression in a key element of MMOs and part of making a player feel heroic is making them look heroic. Every class has a wide variety of armor and equipment available to them that can be worn in various combinations. We have talked about customization in The Old Republic, but we haven’t really shown what it might look like.

Here you can see a short video that showcases just a few of the thousands of sets of armor and equipment available to you as a Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter’s abilities and equipment increase as the video progresses, showing you how you might look at various stages in your character’s career in The Old Republic.


In conjunction with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles we will be publishing a special edition Fan Friday. As we release new exciting information about Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we’ll be updating this article daily to share the big announcements with you. So be sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything.

Player Ships

Yes, it's the announcement you've been waiting for: There are starships in the Old Republic and everybody gets one. Smuggler ships, Trooper ships, Imperial Agent ships, Bounty Hunter ships, Jedi ships and Sith ships. They're all in The Old Republic and they're all awesome.

Ships represent freedom and a place to call your own. They're your base of operations and a handy retreat. A place to relax and talk to your Companion Characters, socialize with other players or to plan your next adventure. Check out Player Ships in The Old Republic to see the Jedi Corellian Vanguard-Class light corvette and Sith Fury-Class Imperial Transport.


The Old Republic Live on G4!

Make sure to check out G4’s half-hour blowout on Star Wars: The Old Republic starting at 2pm PT! Adam Sessler, X-Play host and G4’s Editor-In-Chief of Games, plans to deliver a 30-minute all-access coverage of The Old Republic including live game-play.

Never before have we granted so much time to one game at E3,” said Adam Sessler. “Star Wars: Old Republic is a game of such breadth that the excitement around it and the time we are dedicating to it will have a huge pay-off for the viewers.

Want to see what the press are seeing? Then don’t miss a minute of it!

“Hope” Cinematic Trailer Released!

In the years before the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Sith Empire sought to crush the Republic’s morale by destroying Alderaan. See one of the pivotal battles of this conflict in our second cinematic trailer: Hope.

The Battle of Alderaan. The Republic's gravest hour. Recently promoted to Darth, Malgus launches the first of many surprise attacks that would become his trademark during the Great War, perfectly timing the assault with a feint that pulls the Republic fleet light-years away. Thousands of assault droids and hundreds of Sith set the heart of the Republic ablaze, and Alderaan's few defenders are swept away with ease.
Unknown to Darth Malgus, small groups of Republic Troopers are stationed on Alderaan, some recovering from wounds, others are awaiting orders. As these brave soldiers take to the forests and mountains to fight a guerilla campaign against Malgus's forces, the Republic fleet rushes back to repel the invasion. With time running out and Alderaan's capitol threatened, it falls to Havoc Squad, the elite Republic Special Forces unit, to coordinate one last desperate stand against Malgus' vastly superior numbers.

Watch Star Wars: The Old Republic come to life in the Hope cinematic trailer now!

Sneak Peek on Gametrailers TV

Just can’t wait for E3 to get here? Well, you’re in luck! GameTrailers TV will be airing a special pre-E3 edition on Friday, June 11th. During the show, there will be a Behind the Scenes segment where you’ll get a sneak peek at our next cinematic trailer! Check your local listing for air time.

E3 2010

Elspath DarkRose, Jun 15, 10 11:17 PM.
This is a snippet from a Old Republic news blog I follow thats run by a good friend.  She pouts out allot of good informations and is preaty dedicated to the Old Republic.   I am even mentioned as  "a friend"  for pointing out the feed sense they are located in the UK.   So if you to see there dedicated blog head over to Moon Over Endor and check out her site.  There is also a run down on the Darth Hater Blog as they had a hand on play of the Old Republic at E3 and a listing of interesting game bits, Enjoy!

The Old Republic Live on G4!

Make sure to check out G4’s half-hour blowout on Star Wars: The Old Republic starting at 2pm PT! Adam Sessler, X-Play host and G4’s Editor-In-Chief of Games, plans to deliver a 30-minute all-access coverage of The Old Republic including live game-play.

Never before have we granted so much time to one game at E3,” said Adam Sessler. “Star Wars: Old Republic is a game of such breadth that the excitement around it and the time we are dedicating to it will have a huge pay-off for the viewers.

Want to see what the press are seeing? Then don’t miss a minute of it!
Unfortunately I did miss most of it, for a large part because I don't live in the US and thus don't get G4TV. I spend a while looking for a live feed on the site, but found none. Luckily a friend pointed me to a feed where it seemed that half of those 30 minutes consisted of commercials. And being distracted, and the quality of the stream fairly low, I still missed most of it.

Ah well, hopefully G4 will put the video up on their site in the coming day or so.

Luckily it's not a complete loss since it seems that Massively had a sitdown at a BioWare presentation where they talked about including player ships, group play, PvP, crafting and customization. It's not a terribly long article, but here's an excerpt:

Borrowing ideas from other well-established titles, Bioware went on to discuss the game's crafting and PvP systems. Crafting will be "unique but WoW-like", though no specific details have yet been published on it. For PvP, the game will feature some large open PvP areas in addition to instanced warzones. These are intended to act like World of Warcraft's battlegrounds, pitting teams against each other in instanced matches. Transitioning from the game world into an instance is smooth, with absolutely no load time. If it weren't for the glowing green area, you might not even realise you'd entered an instance.
Bit the pièce de résistance is a video showing the ship interiors for two of the player ships: the Corellian Vanguard light corvette for the Republic and the Fury Class Imperial transport.

Oh, and finally GameSpot has the section on The Old Republic from yesterday's EA press conference. This includes the trailer (which you've probably seen by now), but it's preceded by Greg Zeschuk and Mary Bihr briefly talking about the game. Might be interesting if you've missed the press conference and don't want to search through 90 minutes of footage just for this bit.

I'm sure that there'll be more details in the coming days.

Fan Friday June 11th &

Elspath DarkRose, Jun 11, 10 2:34 PM.
Today's update comes in two parts.  A lovely new timeline video dedicated to the Jedi Civil War. There are some errors in the Timeline im afraid though people at bioware have noticed and posted on them and said they will fix them as soon as possible.   Though who knows when that might be  ~laughs~   Anyways hope you all enjoy!

The Jedi Civil War

One of the greatest threats to the Republic preceding the Great War arose approximately three hundred years before when the Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak began the Jedi Civil War. Jedi Master Gnost-Dural’s historical investigation steps back to this era, and he examines new evidence which reshapes the Order’s understanding of the events surrounding Revan’s fall and his ultimate fate.

BTC 303 – Three hundred years before the Sacking of Coruscant, two prominent Jedi Knights pursued enemy forces into Deep Space at the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars. When the two Jedi, Revan and Malak, returned to Republic space, they had fallen to the dark side. As Sith Lords, Revan and Malak began searching the galaxy for a powerful ancient artifact known as the Star Forge. During their dark campaign, however, Malak’s ambitions grew and eventually drove him to betray Revan, sparking the bloody Jedi Civil War. Though Revan was ultimately redeemed and restored peace to the galaxy, he disappeared afterward in search of a great darkness in Deep Space. Through his investigation, Master Gnost-Dural now confirms that this great darkness is the Sith Empire the Jedi Order battles today….

Watch the latest Timeline holorecord, The Jedi Civil War, narrated by actor Lance Henriksen.

You can also download a high resolution version of this video.

Fan Friday June 4th & The MMO Report

Elspath DarkRose, Jun 4, 10 2:59 PM.
Its a light week but very understandable sense everyone at Bioware is getting ready for E3 2010!   The Information will be overwhelming and personally i cant wait tell E3 starts and all the new things we will learn.  New videos,  information and game play exclusives that will defiantly be released!

One nice thing about this edition of Blood of the Empire is everyone should take a close look at the Jedi master.   Is that a Miraluka?   Oh i hope so i think that's a race revile, Yippi!

Plus enjoy the new MMO Report witch speaks on Star Wars the Old Republics Sith Video and class expatiation and some information about SOE's new Star Wars Adventure mini game MMO

Blood of the Empire #4!

In the fourth issue of Blood of the Empire™, Teneb Kel begins his quest to find the Emperor's apprentice and learn the reason she betrayed her master. But a war-torn galaxy isn't always friendly toward Sith, and without a squad of Imperial soldiers to back him up, Teneb must rely on his wits and his lightsaber for protection. Also: what role does the Republic play in Exal Kressh's machinations?

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

Fan Friday May 28th & MMO Report

Elspath DarkRose, May 28, 10 2:22 PM.
Today we have some interesting updates that mostly go about expanding the information that we already know about.  One being a remake of the Sith Warrior page adding specialization section and a Allied section with one of the first confirmed allies.   Plus a video of the Sith Warrior brought to us by Gamespot and a new episode of the MMO Report.  So Enjoy!

On a Secondary note i would like to tell everyone that i finished Star Wars Crosscurrent by Paul S. Kemp.   Very very good book and i cant wait tell he finishes writing Star Wars the Old Republic Darth Malgus,  Dark lord of the Sith.  It should be a good book if his writing skill and note to detail and char background and history has anything to say about it.  I will write a review of the book for the forum when i get a chance and off my lazy butt but if your looking for a interesting and well written.  Then I suggest getting crosscurrent.  A Star Wars book that's actually written well.  Who knew!?

Sith Warrior Update!

Wondering how you will be able to customize the Sith Warrior to fit your specific play style? We are excited to confirm the two Advanced Classes for the Sith Warrior: The Juggernaut and the Marauder! Whether you want to charge into the fray as a Juggernaut, punishing your adversaries while protecting your allies, or slice through enemy ranks with two Lightsabers and unmatched aggression, the Advanced Classes system in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will give you the power to match your play style.

In conjunction with the Companion Character section released today, we present you with one of the Sith Warrior’s Companions – Vette! You can learn more about this known associate on the Sith Warrior page or by accessing Vette’s biography.

Check out the newly updated HoloNet to get details about the Advanced Classes available to the Sith Warrior. Also be sure to visit the media section for a new video featuring the Sith Warrior as well as some screenshots showing the Juggernaut and Marauder in action!

Companion Characters

Every Star Wars™ hero needs a companion. Han has Chewie, Luke has R2-D2 — even Jabba has the cackling monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb. These characters will complement your strengths or weaknesses, and provide company for the epic journey you will inevitably undertake. Whether they’re combative, friendly, flirtatious, or even just good for a laugh, they always contribute to your development and serve as a sounding board for your choices. In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, a variety of these Companion Characters will join your cause.

Learn more about Companion Characters and how they can shape and enhance your game play by visiting the Game Systems section!


Fan Friday May 21st

Elspath DarkRose, May 21, 10 2:46 PM.

This week we have two updates.  The rumors about the reveal of the Hoth systems coolest planet and another 6 panels to the Blood of the empire Comic strip from Dark Horse Comics.   This weeks update even no not as flashy has some great info and the new comic strip will quickly outshine the Threat of Peace in quality and story.   Plus we also have a new MMO Report video where Casey speaks on a number of subjects with is strange but addicting humor.  One being the new reveal  (or now slightly old)   of the Old Republics class system.   Way to keep up to date jolly man ~laughs~  Enjoy!

The Frozen Wastes of Hoth

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Thirty years ago to the day, Star Wars™: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back™ opened in movie theaters, forever changing the cinematic landscape. Bursting with action-packed battles, fast paced dialogue, and characters faced with complex choices, the echoes of this landmark film are still felt today. From toys, to fashion, to punk rock, its influence is everywhere. The Empire Strikes Back has not only changed how we relate to our favorite movies, but has made a lasting contribution to our very culture.

To commemorate this monumental continuation of the Star Wars™ story, we are proud to reveal the ice world of Hoth – the latest explorable planet in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Access the HoloNet to learn more about the pivotal battles in the history of Hoth – and to understand why both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire are interested in the planet. Check out this video to see Hoth’s brutal blizzards and unique wildlife. Don’t forget to visit the Media Section for never-before-seen screenshots, wallpaper, and concept art showing this barren, desolate landscape.

Blood of the Empire, Issue #3!

The third issue of Blood of the Empire™ chronicles two formidable confrontations--one between Teneb Kel and his former master, Lord Calypho, and another between Teneb Kel and the Dark Council! And what plans do the Emperor and his mysterious apprentice have in store for Teneb? The mission to determine the future of the galaxy begins here.

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!


Fan Friday May 14th!

Elspath DarkRose, May 14, 10 3:00 PM.

We got two articles today in this Fan Friday.   First one is the official release of the class system that was revealed at the Euro Gaming Con this week with a bit better pictures and a direct description from those at bioware.  I do prefer it straight from the horses mouth then third party  ~nods firmly~   The second article is a very descriptive of what goes in to creating worlds and a very interesting read indeed.  ENJOY!

Announcing the Advanced Class System!

Today we are revealing a new area of the website called Game Systems. This area talks about various features from a gamer’s perspective. Our first section in this new area discusses the Advanced Class System.

The Advanced Class System grants you access to unique skills and abilities, and is designed to allow you the flexibility to customize your characters to fit your play style. For example, all Smugglers are lucky, opportunistic swindlers. But, do you want to be the kind of Smuggler that sneaks into the middle of a firefight and quickly blasts away at an opponent from point-blank range? Or do you want to be the kind that keeps to the outskirts of the battle, strategically picking your targets from a distance?

These are just some of the meaningful choices that the Advanced Class System offers you to personalize – and advance – your character in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Creating Worlds

"They're a meditative people. They're communal, not individualistic, and they’d create symbolic art--pattern-based and preferably monochromatic to contrast with their amazingly colorful skin."

“For skin colors and patterns, poison dart frogs as a starting point. Something that jumps against the background of the planet. These people don’t blend or quite belong on their world.”

"The Gormak are running down a tech path unseen in the galaxy. It's important that we see the ship that they're creating and it jumps out as foreign, wrong for Star Wars™. Anything we see that is Gormak should be slick, impressive and create a sense of wrongness in Players."

"The Voss must at all times feel isolated. Voss-Ka is high above the rest of the planet but it's an island in a sea of Gormak. Every other outpost is overrun or threatened. The Republic and Empire see the Voss as standing on the roof of their last building in a losing war but the Voss never reach out for help. They are not looking to be rescued."

Welcome to the amazing job of creating worlds. Above are some of the notes I made before discussing Voss with our gifted concept artists and our ambitious world designers. These talented folks enable us to communicate in ideas, themes and feelings as much as in size, directions and numbers. This is the secret of creating real worlds instead of simply play spaces. Most Players will never notice, for instance, that on Korriban statues of non-Sith are always in supplication, literally supporting the Empire on their worn backs. Few people will stop and trace the path of Jedi resettlement of the wilderness on Tython, try to understand exactly where which war stopped in Balmorra or make sense of the twisted politics that have left some parts of Coruscant abandoned and in misery while others bounced back shortly after the invasion. They will, however, hopefully feel the layers of planning and vision that went into the worlds and because of that, subconsciously believe in the reality of the galaxy they are travelling through.

But we're ahead of ourselves. Handing over a world to concept and world design is obviously one of the later steps the writing department has in the birthing process. Let's start at the beginning, using Voss as a touchstone for the general path all worlds must take. Time travel is a big no-no in The Old Republic but just this once, I’ll allow it. Let’s go back and see the first moments of Voss and the galaxy.

Interestingly, the Mystics have been around as long at the Old Republic has--though the culture and people who would become the Voss came much later. In the first days we wanted to bring something completely new to our class offerings and a group who looked at the Force in a fundamentally different way was intriguing. The Mystics would be grey and dangerous to the eyes of the Jedi, able to see through the lies of the Sith and beholden and interested in neither. They would enable us to explore themes of religion (every culture sees gods but interprets them differently), culture (believing themselves to be the chosen people) and politics (due to the infallibility of their visions, they are happily totalitarian). We had numerous different ideas for how they would look, be thought of by the greater galaxy and behave. For a while we had a running joke of Mystic converts standing in spaceports asking weary travelers, “Have you been to Voss?”

Two problems quickly made themselves apparent. First and foremost, a BioWare story doesn’t work if you don’t understand the shoes you’re standing in. Roleplaying games are about exploration and discovery but you have to have a basic place to work from. Something as alien as the Mystic culture (its express purpose is to be strange to the Star Wars galaxy) is the exact opposite of where we’d want to start a Player. “Never introduce the exception before you teach the rule” is one of the fundamental tenants of strong RPG writing and obviously the rule was the Jedi, the Republic, the Sith, the Empire. There was more than enough content we’d have to catch Players up on without introducing some completely alien idea. Secondly, we realized we had far more Jedi and Sith fantasies than were going to fit into two classes both for story and gameplay. When it became apparent we were going to have four fundamental Force-using classes the chances of a fifth was immediately taken off the table. The Imperial Agent would be our chance to explore new territory while still introducing Players to a core part of the galaxy.

So the Mystics were set aside but we were all fairly sure they’d be coming back for the big show. The stories we’d already begun to invent in our heads were too interesting and them being removed as class candidates enabled us to make them far more alien.

When we first sat down to figure out planets we had four distinct classifications we wanted to fill: Iconic movie worlds, IP favorite worlds, Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ worlds and brand new additions to the lore. Iconic movie worlds are fairly self explanatory. Was it awesome in the movies? Do you always dream about running around and adventuring there? Does it lend itself easily to MMO gameplay? Let’s do it and let’s make it look more amazing and detailed than anyone has ever dreamed. IP favorite worlds are places like Alderaan and Ord Mantell. We feel like we know these worlds even though we’ve barely seen them and they never showed up (with a tragic cameo exception) in the movies. We have an impression of them, they have a place in our mythos and in the extended universe books, comics, etc. Worlds from the original two Knights of the Old Republic were important for continuity, to answer questions and make sure the game was firmly established as the same timeline.

Finally there were brand new additions to the lore and that’s where the Mystics came back to the top of the list. Now to be clear, the first thing we do when we decide to add a “new” world to the vast Star Wars mythology is to do our research and see if there is a world that already exists and will fit our needs. Is it the right type of climate? The right place in the galaxy? Does it have next to nothing written about it? Awesome, it’s ours. Over the years hundreds of writers have tossed out names of worlds with a sentence or less to describe them. Why create more clutter when we can add to the depth of what’s there?

Looking at the holocron (Lucasarts’ extensive guide to all things canon and beyond) we find Voss. It says three thousand years after our timeline a starship pilot will hail from Voss and apparently several mothers throughout history named their kids after the planet. Okay, we can live with that. People name their kids “Dakota” and “Paris” right? Otherwise, it’s ours. Open for creativity. Let’s create a planet for our mystics.

First of all we’ve got a group of people who are, on the surface, extremely powerful. They can see the future. That’s big. So we need to temper that. There cannot be very many of them and these visions cannot come at will. One man with perfect clarity of the future’s events would be a powerhouse, a whole culture would be unstoppable. So all of a sudden I can see the Voss a bit more clearly. They are not all Mystics. So what is it like to live in a culture where there are people who can see the future but cannot control when they do so? Okay, it makes sense these visions are going to be seen as important. Clearly if they only happen occasionally, they must be for a reason, right? Now these visions are always right, what’s that like? To have infallible leaders? Well now we have a totalitarian people but a happy totalitarian people. A Mystic’s vision is always right so arguments around it are meaningless. Okay, that’s even more interesting. So what happens if a Mystic’s vision tells the Voss to do something terrible to outsiders? What about something terrible to themselves? Great, we’ve got story hooks coming out the Voss-Ka.

So now we want to sell independent (they have the answers), chosen (they are the only ones with visions) but small and isolated (they're rare in our setting, unlike Jedi and Sith). We also want to see their power. They need an enemy. That enemy must be an overwhelming threat to show the Voss resilience and power and must contrast sharply with the Voss. What is the flip side of mysticism and faith? Technology and progress without soul-searching. Enter the Gormak--tech geniuses with a very basic tribal cultural system, a love of warfare and competition and an utter hatred for the Voss who they will never understand. So let’s see, occasionally seeing the future is good for outflanking your enemies but isn’t going to defend against a hundred million blaster cannons. We’ll need to give the Voss some amazingly well placed defenses. Okay, up the mountain they go. And in come the Voss Commandos. After all, if there aren’t very many Voss then every warm body who isn’t off having or interpreting visions is going to learn to shoot back.

But of course the Voss didn’t start up that mountain so we need to trace the history of the people and their development. Voss ruins overrun by Gormak, destroyed wilderness mined and stripped bare by the Gormak war machine, ancient spaces where other cultures may have visited the planet thousands of years in the past. Ruins of both Sith and Jedi varieties in the far flung corners of the world. That will raise some questions. Oh, and the Nightmare Lands. Forbidden space even Gormak don’t dare to tread. The less said about that scary place the better.

This is, of course, a very high-level flyby look at the development process. Writer Jessica Ilko had to put together a three page document that covered nothing but how the Voss speak and how it contrasts with the Gormak. Then there are documents that are explorations of Voss art (monochromatic and symbolic), marriage practices (don’t physically sexually develop until their marriage rituals are performed), funereal rites (usually a Voss speaks as little as possible but they are extremely publicly emotional and wail at funerals and other times of hardship) and all of the other details that makes a people real and enables a writer to see them in a way necessary to write stories that feel true.

It is only after all this work is done that we take a distilled version of all of this information (only the writers are forced to read the thousand plus page fiction guide for TOR or nobody would ever get their jobs done) and pass it to our aforementioned amazing concept artists. They get together with the world designers and then the magic really starts to happen. Of course that's just one planet. Then we move onto the next.

Daniel Erickson
Principal Lead Writer

Hands on in the UK!

Elspath DarkRose, May 13, 10 5:11 AM.

Well the Euro EA thing finally ended and some great information was released.   One of the best things is the class specting system that seems to use a Aion and World of Warcraft combination system.   This will offer GREAT customization and i love my customization!   Theres also a hands on artical that you can find Here hope you enjoy!

Eurogamer can exclusively reveal that Star Wars: The Old Republic's eight character classes will each split into two specialised Advanced Classes, giving the player a total of 16 choices of career in BioWare's MMO.

The first Advanced Classes to be revealed are those for the Sith Warrior. Choosing Juggernaut will shape this warrior into a tough, damage-soaking tank class, while the Marauder is all about channelling rage and maximising damage output.

Looking at the first exclusive screens of the two, it looks like the Juggernaut will feature the heavy body-modifications of Darth Vader, while the Marauder will be able ape Darth Maul's twin-lightsaber fighting style.

Choosing your Advanced Class is a pure gameplay decision rather than a story decision. Advanced Classes will share the same epic narrative, but have different combat styles and play different roles in a group.

Each Advanced Class will have its own skills and abilities that define its role on the battlefield, and in some cases grant access to new weapon and armour types. Choosing one means you won't have any access to the skills of the other.

An example of the Sith Warrior's Advanced Class chart. Disclaimer: number and type of skills may vary.

And each Advanced Class will have a further three branches of skills to specialise in (equivalent to World of Warcraft's talent specialisation options on a single class). Unlike the Advanced Classes themselves, you can mix and match these if you like, although they're all trained from the same pool of points.

The first two skill trees are particular to your Advanced Class, while the the third is a shared set of skills which expand on the core abilities of the main class.

There's much we still don't know about Advanced Classes: what the other classes will advance into, when you'll make the choice, and whether you'll be able to change your choice at a later date. But it's already clear that the range of options they'll offer the player is impressively large.

Fan Friday May 7th Web Comic & Kotaku

Elspath DarkRose, May 7, 10 2:53 PM.
Today's update is a bit light but after so many great updates I suppose it all had to slow down sooner or later.  But with E3 just around the corner that's understandable as well.  Just like Sean "ashen Temper" Dahlberg announced.  This week will be light as they get ready for E3,  Woot!   Cant wait!  Here's this weeks web comic update and a post from Sean, Enjoy!

"Hey everyone,

I know we don't make these threads very often any more but I wanted to for this week to keep all of you in the loop (as much as possible). We've had four awesome weeks of updates; Timeline 7, VidDoc4, Biographies update, and even launched a new section in the HoloNet: Inhabitants!

This week, we're going to be publishing Blood of the Empire #2. We have a few things in store for all of you before we head off to E3 2010 but this week's update will be the webcomic. And check back next week for our latest Developer Blog."

Blood of the Empire, Issue #2!

The second issue of Blood of the Empire™ takes us to the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, as the young Sith Teneb Kel and his companion Maggot leave the war's front lines--only to find new tensions awaiting them at home. Meanwhile, a mysterious Force-user sets her plans in motion on a distant, crime-ridden world. Intrigue and danger abound as the story of Imperial powers continues!

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

Kotaku released some information I was unsure if I should post here but sense its a light news day and the long term effects will have a impact on Star Wars: the Old Republic,  here it is.  Hope the impacts in the long run are not to bad!

Kotaku has learned today that Darrell Rodriguez, president of Lucasarts, has resigned from his position, and joining him at the exit are several members of his executive team.

The moves, announced earlier today at a Lucasarts staff meeting, do not impact the company's development teams, or other aspects of its publishing business outside of the top brass.

Rodriguez - former COO of EA Los Angeles - was named president of Lucasarts back in April of 2008, two months after his predecessor, Jim Ward, abruptly resigned from his position. His tenure has been a mixed bag, the company continuing to find success with Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles (LEGO, Force Unleashed) while failing to gain traction with internally-developed intellectual property (Fracture).

A replacement for Rodriguez has yet to be named.

With the exact manner of, and reasons for his departure still uncertain, we'll update as we hear more.

UPDATE - We can now confirm that Rodriguez resigned from his position, and that Lucasfilm's Jerry Bowerman will be holding the reigns while the company searches for a full-time replacement.

Fan Friday April 30th & the MMO Report

Elspath DarkRose, Apr 30, 10 2:47 PM.
Big Week again it seems!  A New section in the holonet that might finally reveal what races,  companions and creatures we will be able to choose and fight in the worlds of the old Republic.   But also a reveal on ANOTHER Star Wars the Old Republic Book!   This one looks quite interesting to, Looking up information on the author I have discovered he has writen one other book where a ancient Sith Dreadnought is thrust 5050 years in to the future with a army of Sith from the Ancient Hyperspace wars in to a galaxy still recovering from Darth Vader.  Makes me quite interested in to finding the book and reading it.  Well hope you enjoy the update!

New Holorecord Now Online: Inhabitants!

If you’ve been waiting for information about the colorful creatures, species, and droids that populate the galaxy, make sure to check out our new HoloNet expansion - Inhabitants! In this section you can find new information and media about the galactic inhabitants that will entertain – and challenge – you in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Inhabitants will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back often to get the latest updates and information!

Revealing Darth Malgus, Dark Lord of the Sith

You first experienced the devastating might of Darth Malgus on the day that changed the galaxy forever during the Sacking of Coruscant. Now you can learn more about the man behind the mask in the latest novel set in the same time period as Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

We’re pleased to announce a remarkable new novel entitled Deceived, which tells the story of Darth Malgus and gives fascinating insight into his rise to fame and glory as the Sith Lord who destroyed the Jedi Temple. This stunning narrative finds our dark hero battling a veteran Jedi Master, setting the stage for the affairs and betrayals surrounding the last battle of the Great War before the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant.

Deceived is being written by Paul S. Kemp with the BioWare and LucasArts teams’ full cooperation and creative consultation to bring you an accurate account of the explosive incident and the ruthless man behind it.

Published by Del Rey, this 256-page hardcover book will be priced at $27.00. Mark your calendar to pick up your copy of Deceived going on sale December 28th, 2010. It’s a gripping read and and a terrific opportunity to become further immersed in the stories of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And while we understand there is thirst for knowledge of the dark lord’s past, many are curious about what has happened to Darth Malgus since the Sacking of Coruscant. Learn more about this enigmatic character as he appears in The Old Republic by accessing the latest Biography update of Darth Malgus!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

About the Author: Paul S. Kemp is a speculative fiction writer in Grosse Point, Michigan. He has written nine Forgotten Realms fantasy novels, and recently expanded into the Star Wars™ expanded universe with Crosscurrent, a standalone Star Wars novel featuring Jedi Knight Jaden Korr and a shipload of ancient Sith out of time and place.

When he's not writing, Paul practices corporate law in Michigan, which has inspired him to create some believably corrupt villains. But whether he’s writing sword and sorcery, science fiction, or space opera, his work is always dark, gritty, and character driven. For more information on Paul S. Kemp or to read a sample of his writing, visit

Fan Friday April 23rd, Fan Art & Web Comic!

Elspath DarkRose, Apr 23, 10 2:31 PM.
Even more has been released after yesterdays lovely video documentary they still released a true Fan Friday.   Featuring some nice art pieces from the community, new polls and some stuff directly from the developers! 

We’re kicking off this Fan Friday by featuring some outstanding work by various members of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community. We also have some great stuff to show off in the Developer Corner, along with new polls and avatars! Make sure to catch it all!

Community Creations

Share your talents with us on the community forums, and if it’s especially impressive we may feature your work in the Community Creations section of a future Fan Friday.

Fan Art

We have a diverse selection of fan art to share with you this month. To start with, Gregcervall, a member of The Old Republic community, created an illustration of a young Twi’lek named Lyn-Me Surool. This piece is especially interesting because Gregcervall uses feedback posted in the thread along with poll votes to influence the progression. Watch as this piece evolves into a beautifully detailed work of art. You can take a look at it in the French or English version of the forum thread titled “Now, these Credits are mine...”

Kariaven crafted a variety of icons depicting different classes in The Old Republic, as well as some other characters from the Star Wars™ universe. Get a look at Kariaven’s pixel art in the mache persönliche smilies, anfragen erwünscht (in German) thread in the forums.

Join the dark side! We have cookies!” is a must-see thread created by community member Ion-Silental. Other pieces of art on The Old Republic forums inspired her to craft some incredible Star Wars™-themed paintings. Explore this entire thread to see all of Ion-Silental’s images, work-in-progress pieces, and request creations.

Check out Kentoh’s latest art work of a Bounty Hunter model that is made up of more than 400 3D parts. You can find it in the German thread “3D - Software Fan-Art ;).” Amazing job!

Developer Corner

We worked with The Old Republic developers to get you a first-hand look at game content that is currently in development.

Experience the beauty of The Old Republic in this work-in-progress video showcasing a few environmental effects you can expect to see in the game.

Need to get to another part of the city to uncover some information? Catch a ride in a taxi, similar to the one in this concept art, to speed to your destination.

New Forum Avatars

Equip your profile with either a notable figure from the Biography section of the HoloNet or the stealthy Sarlacc Enforcer. To update your forum avatar, log in and go to My Account, and click Avatar. From there, navigate through the pages till you find the avatar of your choice. Enjoy!


We want to know! You can find these polls in the Surveys and Polls section of the website.

Plus we have a restart on the new comic.   The first issue starts 25 years before the sacking of Coruscant.  With the new releases I must say that this week has been one of the best weeks of Old Republic information release.   I cant wait tell the game is released!

The first issue of Blood of the Empire™ takes us to a galaxy engaged in war. The Sith Empire strikes blow after blow against a Republic reeling from the return of its ancient enemies, and the Jedi scramble to defend their holdings. But Imperial victory is far from certain…

Teneb Kel, a fiercely clever young man apprenticed as a Sith, is selected by his masters for a secret mission--a mission concerning the Emperor himself and a threat to the Dark Lord’s thousand-year plan. Doomed if he fails, expendable if he succeeds, Teneb must unravel the schemes at work around him if he is to seize control of his destiny and alter the course of history.

Check out the first issue written by Alexander Freed, illustrated by Dave Ross, inked by Mark McKenna, colored by Michael Atiyeh, and lettered by Michael Heisler!

Fan.... Thursday? ~waves hand~ these arnt the videos your looking for, you can move along...

Elspath DarkRose, Apr 22, 10 11:39 PM.
Yep another fan... something or other and with it one of the best video documentary i have seen in a long time.   So much nice moves and to be able to see some of what every class can do and the clothing.  Oh the clothing!   The hoods and robes look so nice i cant wait!   Everyone should defiantly check it out!  Heres some of my favorite images from the video to and the video!

shocking.jpg picture by eclipsaa

twojedifightingtheodds.jpg picture by eclipsaa

JointheDarkSide.jpg picture by eclipsaa

Jedilift.jpg picture by eclipsaa

SithvsJedi.jpg picture by eclipsaa

droidmeetssaber.jpg picture by eclipsaa

Dev Posts & MMO Report, April 15th

Elspath DarkRose, Apr 19, 10 1:51 PM.
Searching around i found a couple of interesting posts that i would like to share with everyone.  The first has to deal with the lore and what really happened with the Exile and her Canon  (yes for all of you that didn't know,  Exile was a female Jedi)  In this post they talks about how  (even though virtual unknown by the galactic hole)  was important to the focus of the galaxy.   Plus hints on what fate the exile might have met after her search for Revan.  You can find it Here

"Hey Folks, always nice to see the healthy debate sparked by the Timeline pieces. I love Star Wars history and particularly anything relating to KotOR. Even though KotOR 2 was developed by another developer, lots of folks at BioWare played and enjoyed it, including myself. If you look closely within the game, you will find several references to events or characters from KotOR 2, and we absolutely treat it as canon. I will also say that there have been discussions about the final fate of the Exile, who was indeed a woman according to the canon.

When outlining the Timeline series, though, we skipped over the events of KotOR2 for a few reasons:

(SPOILER ALERT if you haven't played KotOR 2)

Essentially, what happened in KotOR 2 is that a few years after Revan disappeared, a new trinity of Sith Lords materialized and drove the Jedi into hiding. Kreia (aka Darth Traya) sought out the Jedi Exile, and sought to use her as a mechanism for destroying the Force itself. The Exile defeated the Sith Lords, foiled Kreia's plan, and disappeared into deep space searching for Revan. The galaxy was essentially returned to the same state as it was in before the events of KotOR 2.

A few things about this: first, it all happened behind the scenes; the Jedi of the TOR era don't even know what really happened, in fact the only people who ever knew were the Exile and her companions. Second, because the events of KotOR 2 didn't really change the political landscape of the galaxy in any significant way, it's really more of an historical footnote to the Jedi Civil War rather than a major event in its own right.

This is absolutely not to say the story of KotOR 2 wasn't important. Taken in the context of the Timeline series, however, we decided it would be confusing and that the next note in the history of the galaxy should be the Jedi Civil War.

Thanks for all the feedback and interest in the game and in the Timeline videos. You guys remind us of why we're doing all this, so keep it up.


This second post talks about Jedi marriage and connections between Jedi and there offspring.  I have had a few heated discussions saying such things in the old republic are more valed then they are in the later days of the Skywalkers clan.  It seems Bioware agrees with me and that makes me very happy.  This post can be found Here

"How rare that I see a question I'm allowed to answer!

Following the decimation of the Jedi Order as revealed in Knights of the Old Republic 2, the Jedi were forced to bend and rethink many of their restrictions in order to rebuild. There is no denying that Force sensitivity can run strongly in particular bloodlines and so for a brief period of history it was allowable to romance, marry and have children much like anyone else. After a series of horrific feuds and padawans lost to the dark side in the following century, however, the Jedi once again tightened their rules. In the time of The Old Republic it is permissible to have children and even to marry within the order but only with direct permission from the Jedi Council. To be granted permission the Jedi must prove a perfect detachment and serenity, basically that he or she does not care more about their prospective spouse or parent of their child than they do about any other Jedi. Permission is very rarely granted but the rule has become something of a release valve, both relaxing the order from the oppression of earlier years and often bringing budding romances to the surface so they can be dealt with by Jedi Masters."

Sorry this ones a bit late but this MMO Report i found a bit interesting and entertaining.   Three relevant issues were touched from the Mythic billing bug,  Voss and how mmo creators in general feel about billing players that love mmos.  So hope you all enjoy!

Fan Friday April 16th, Time Line!

Elspath DarkRose, Apr 17, 10 5:39 PM.

Finally a new section of the time line has come to pass.  A very interesting one that I was quite happy to see.    Though with this time line comes the information and removes one of my suspicions of who the Emperor really is.  To those that know me know i thought it was Naga Sadow.  But with this information it seems that is not true.  Who knows who this Dark Emperor is but seems hes been working long and hard.

The centuries immediately preceding the Great War were thought to be one of the most peaceful eras in Republic history. As he dives deeper into the galaxy’s history, Master Gnost-Dural discovers new evidence that suggests the dark influence of the Sith Empire was seeping into the Republic even then. Gnost-Dural’s latest report isolates one historical incident which suggests there was a Sith Lord pulling strings within the ranks of the Jedi decades before the war even began.

BTC 103 – More than a century before the Sacking of Coruscant, two Jedi scholars embarked on a journey which became one of most inexplicable mysteries of its time. Young Jedi Knight Eison Gynt joined his Master in a mission to investigate the Ancient Sith Temple of Yavin 4. On Yavin, the pair was attacked by the native Massassi and driven into the Tomb of Naga Sadow where a powerful force of darkness emerged. Gynt’s Master returned to Coruscant wounded and half-insane, remorseful that young Eison Gynt had been killed in the chaos. Years later, however, Gynt returned from Yavin on his own and attacked his former Master. Gynt was killed and all assumed that he had been tainted by the darkness on Yavin 4 and returned to Coruscant for revenge. Nonetheless, the truth, as Master Gnost-Dural has discovered, may have been far more sinister.

Watch the latest Timeline holorecord, Peace for the Republic?, narrated by actor Lance Henriksen.

You can also download a high resolution version of this video.

Recruiting Started!

Elspath DarkRose, Mar 24, 10 6:33 AM.
Recruiting has started.  Maybe i have waited but i personally thought that maybe it was a bit to soon to jump in to the pool like the many that have.   But as the information form bioware increases and the news and the date gets closer.  I'm taking the plunge!   We are recruiting both Students and Teachers for the temple.  

A new update to the website was a long time link but something i find very useful is the Darth Hater pod cast and bloggameplay video comes out but the people over at Darth Hater doesn't let anything past them. 

Plus if anyone is interesting in teaching positions at the temple please contact me through PM or IM and make your wishesRP knowledge and ability! 
site.   Quite a hub of information and breakdowns of friday information of pictures and videos.   Sometimes we miss little icons and changes when a new known.  We have many openings to fill to those with the drive and

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