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World Legion Legends
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World Legion Legends

The World needs Heroes...

  Many things are the catalyst for evil and evil stretches out its corrupting hand to many.  In Paragon evil seems to be at every corner and every walk of life.  But fear not Paragon and the World; there is Hope.

The World Legion had for more than 17 years fought back evil at a pace so brisk and fluent that their name alone has gone down in History as Evil’s Bane.  Once led by LEGION himself; who is synonymous with pure and raw God like power, the LEGION and his team struggle everyday to keep evil at bay and in majority succeeded.  After many hard fought battles against Fusion and her “Disciples”, Earth’s greatest past threat, the World Legion failed. 

Yes …failed.

               An allegiance of evil, “The Disciples” and “The Fallen /one third”, was planned by these factions.  They rallied their respective troops and eradicated the World Legion by outnumbering them in a short span of time.  Because of the evil allegiance’s secrecy, the Legion did not see their onslaught coming and were ill-prepared to handle the power of not one, but suddenly two factions whose sole unexpected purpose was to hurt and inaliate the World Legion. 

After the final blow from the unholy alliance, the world experienced more than five years of sheer evil and corruption, The “Alliance” killed anyone that showed a glimmer of power if they could not recruit them to their ranks.

Today a new hope has emerged.  SOOT and her Ban of Heroes have steadily climbed to prominence and proudly dawn LEGION’S past group name and moniker.  They honor the past heroes sacrifice and  victories, as SOOT’s group took over the name World Legion Legends; fighting everyday the evil that lurks at every corner. 

 “Fear not; there is Hope and its name is the World Legion Legends”- for prosperity...




538376748_Inactive, Apr 27, 08 6:52 AM.

Meeting Minutes From Our Last Meeting:


   (a)    SG extra slot uniform is not mandatory for the entire SG.  HOWEVER, SG colors and emblem are when doing SG sanctioned events like team ups, farming, any contest we host, etc.

   (b)    Ranks of Captain and above should have a mandatory costume slot designated for the SG Uniform.  If  this is a problem with your character concept. Ask help from the SG to help your attain the 5th costume slot


   SG BLUE Color in uniform - 11 down, 5 across

   SG RED Color in uniform - 2 down, 6 across

   SG GOLD Color in uniform - 4 down, 7 across

   Chest Detail - Star 4

   Star 4 Colors - 1) 5 down, 8 across.  2) 4 down, 7 across

   Chest Pattern - Diablo

   Shoulders - Small

   Belt, Boots, Head, Gloves - are at your discretion

   Cape - Not mandatory, but if used, same red as above.


   a)   City of Villains "Night" will be on Tuesdays

   b)   "The Disciples" is our Sister VG on the Villains side. Fusion ( @Elize ) is their leader

3. RANK:

   a)    First Rank Advancement Review will be at level 20 or there after if you joined us after you achieved the 20th level rank prior

   b)    Second Rank Review and all future Rank advancements will be voted upon based on the follow criteria: Gameplay, Repor with other SG members, Salvage, Prestige, Enchancement Storage and Inspiration Storage


   a)    Our meetings will be once a month on the 5th of the month. At or around 8:30pm. EST ( or EDT )

   b)    Officers attending should be in their SG uniforms ( see 1b above )

5. JOBS:

   a)    SEVEN of NINE ( SOOT ) - Rank: LEADER - Recruiting, Events and "SG standard bearer " Global: @SEVEN of NINE

   b)    A Ashley - Rank: Super Hero - Recruiting and Events. Global: @S'Rigel

   c)    Justine - Rank: Super Hero - SG Base and Website. Global: @Forcebolt

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