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Apr 18, 08 4:54 PM
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Welcome to Myrmidones WoW-Eu Stormscale website

the story:

The Myrmidons(Myrmidones in Greek) were originally worker ants. On the island of Aegina, Hera sent a plague that wiped out the inhabitants of the island. Aeacus the king of Aegina was the son of Zeus and Aegina; therefore he was a target of her enmity.

Aeacus and his mother were the only survivors on the island. Aeacus saw ants that were unaffected from the pestilence. Aeacus prayed to his father that if he and his mother were to survive on the island, he need to repopulate the island with people. Aeacus asked that the people were as hardy as the worker ants.

Zeus answered his son's prayer by transforming the ants into human. These ants became known as Myrmidons. The Myrmidons were also fierce warriors as well as loyal subjects. See also Aegina and Aeacus in the Wrath of Heaven.

When Aeacus exiled his two sons, Peleus and Telamon, for murdering their half-brother, Phocis, Peleus went to Phthia. A group of Myrmidons followed Peleus to Thessaly.

When the Greeks fought in the Trojan War, Peleus' son, Achilles, brought the Myrmidons to Troy. These Myrmidon warriors wore black armour and shields. Neoptolemus, the grandson of Peleus, brought the Myrmidons home after the war.

now we are here to honor these great fighters...

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539612412_Inactive, Apr 18, 08 4:54 PM.
We will help all lower <40lvl to buy easier a mount by allowing guild repairs
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