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Welcome to the Arena Alliance (Gilneas)

This site was set up to help PVP'ers communicate with each other.  Arena teams can be tough to schedule, especially since teams normally consist of players in different guilds, timezones, etc...  This site is designed to help people coordinate games and raise both team and personal ratings. 

The forum section is broken out into the different brackets (2v2, 3v3, and 5v5), participating teams and LFG/LFM areas.  It (as well as the roster and mail sections) can also be used to msg people in game so that some team hopping can be facilitated.  The new S4 changes, however, will make this a bit more difficult at 1800+ ratings.
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Unfamiliar with Guild Portal?

Naxor, Jul 7, 08 11:56 AM.
Here's how to register:

1. Join Guild Portal or click [New User] at the top of this page.  Ideally, create a login exactly like your main character's name if possible.  It's not a huge deal as you can associate several characters with one login.  It's just easier to identify people via forum posts when your login is the same.

2. Next, up top of the home page click "Join This Guild."  You'll then need to wait  for a moderator to manually approve / verify you.  Normally it's less than an hour.

3. Click on the Characters/Settings button at the top of the page and add your character(s) to this site roster.  This will make it easier for players to find you when they are trying to fill slots.

4. Once approved, you are free to browse the entire website.

Feel free to email me or msg me in game if you have questions.
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