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Welcome to the "Dark Knights Of Azeroth" website. If you have any questions please write me a message or write it in the forum and I will get back to you. If you are interested in joining the guild and want to know more about us. Click the links under Information. If you need to know anything else that I forgot to mention please message me and I will be sure to add it to the guild information. Thank You and I hope you enjoy the new website.

Guild Master of the Dark Knights of Azeroth
(Feathermoon Server)
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Karazhan raid roster (Group 1)

539666224_Inactive, May 28, 08 1:37 AM.
Group 1 of the Karazhan raid schedule is as follows:

Main Tank:
Killacar (Paladin)

Off Tank:
Chirzuya (Druid)

Ozwel (Paladin)
Mahiti (Druid)
Ninba (Priest)

Kerandas (Hunter)
Arionmcbride (Rogue)
Alanadgarn (Warlock)
Revester (Rogue)
Healin (Priest)

If there are any questions about the raid please contact me in-game. Saturday from 5-8Pm server time are the raids. I will be working on a second group very soon and will be working on a gruul's group after we get geared together and have a setup schedule.

Kara Raids have been scheduled!!!

539666224_Inactive, May 4, 08 7:50 PM.
The Kara raids have been scheduled on Saturday and Sunday 5-8PM Server time. If there is any other needed Info send me a message and i'll get to you as soon as possible.

My Credit Card/Account Problems have been resolved

539666224_Inactive, Apr 20, 08 10:14 AM.
I have gotten my credit card issues resolved and will be back online today.

guild Master of the Dark Knights of Azeroth
(Feathermoon Server)

Dark Knights Of Azeroth Website now LIVE!

539666224_Inactive, Apr 17, 08 4:53 AM.
The guild website was created on Thursday April 17, 2008. You may now check the website for daily News and Forums.
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