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A Higher Power Guild (AHPG) is not associated in any way with any other similarly named guilds, characters, or websites.

AHPG is an Alliance-Only Guild.

AHPG now offering trial membership to a few select Paladins for casual group questing and occasional instances. We play for the fun and learning experience, not ego or profit.

Paladins can do it all... tanking, healing, dps... and do it better. While questing, a group pf Paladins has everything needed to take on any mob, and the same is true for instances.

AHPG offers an opportunity to build a guild where members can have fun and learn while they progress ...

AHPG has Forums and a Calendar to schedule events for others to sign up for. AHPG offers no bank access for the first two weeks and only one tab with limited access for member sharing use after that. No free character leveling, no dungeon escort services, no forced contributions to 'the guild bank', no free rides and no gold sellers/farmers.

If you put fun, teamwork, and fair play above personal gratification and personal greed, then you may qualify for a trial membership.

The website, guidelines, rank structure and etc. are in the process of being finalized.

WoW voice chat (headset and microphone) required. Ventrillo chat will be added.

Important thing to remember... We play for fun, not for profit!
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A Higher Power Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539660529_Inactive, Apr 14, 08 2:06 PM.
4.14.2008 A Higher Power subscribed to Guildportal as our Guild website host. Thanks Guildportal for providing this service!
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