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Crimson Skies
Raids and Instances
Apr 14, 08 4:22 AM
Apr 14, 08 4:06 AM
Apr 14, 08 3:58 AM
Apr 14, 08 3:56 AM
                     Crimson Skies
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Raids and Instances

keenan0428, Apr 14, 08 4:22 AM.
We will soon be doing raids on instances and actively be running different instances in the near future. Please leave a comment on what days are good for each of you to run these. All of this will be done at an appropriate level. When we do this there will be a way to sign up to lock a spot for yourself but we will not count you out if you are online when we start running them.  Also the raids will take place on different days for the different levels for those who have multiple characters in the guild.

keenan0428, Apr 14, 08 4:06 AM.
Please let us focus on getting to level 30 before may 15th. If you are already 30 please help other attain 30 and at that point you should strive for level 40 by may 15th. In conjunction if you are already level 40 the rules above apply to you; by may 15th we would like you to try to be level 50 by may 15th. If you are already level 50 please just work at your own leisure but help others attain the success you have reached.

keenan0428, Apr 14, 08 3:58 AM.
Please do not kill steal or loot steal if you are asked by someone that you are in a group with if they can have an item, please do not be greedy and let them have it if you yourself do not need that particular item!!!

keenan0428, Apr 14, 08 3:56 AM.
Please remember to make sure you and everyone you know in Crimson Skies registers with guild portal.
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