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                                                                         Welcome to Raiders of Mordor  

As a kinship we are determined to help save middle Earth and eachother.  We hope you will feel at home with us, as we are friendly, kind, and considerate to each member.  We want to hear from all our members about their defeats and victories.

New guidelines for members/officers who havent been on for 90 days or more

Duncthelion, Jan 10, 09 3:10 PM.
Due to the recent changes in the kin, and all of our efforts that we have put into rebuilding it. We have come up with some new guidelines regarding members/officers who havent been active within the last 90 days.
1. Members who have not been active within 150 days will be removed from the kin.
2. Officers who have not been active will be demoted to members after 90 days. The rules for members will then also apply to them for removal after 150 days. These members can get their officer status back if they prove to be active again.

I hated to have to do this but this is the only fair option, so please keep it in mind as you take your breaks for the game :).

The Kinship Is Now Recruiting All Levels Of Any Class / Race.

539646820_Inactive, Apr 8, 08 7:04 AM.
We are the Raiders of Mordor.  We have one of the Largest Communities on the Lotro: Elendilimir Server.  We are  a casual Kinship who are always looking to expand its community.  We currently have many members who range from the level 6-60.  Our Lifespan Rank is Maxed out at 10, and we also have a Kinship house in the Bree Homesteads on 1 High Road.  Besides for being a Casual Kinship, we are also looking for players to Join who are interested in Raiding.  So if you are interested in joining we are more than happy on recruiting you. 
IF u are interested in joining, you can apply at the top of the page, or send a tell to:  Duncthelion, Loganray, Braedodor, Oneshotkill, Acillis or any other member from Raiders of Mordor...
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