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Sign up for Heroics and Raids
Jul 30, 08 1:13 PM
Member Photos !
May 13, 08 11:47 AM
Ventrilo 101
Apr 8, 08 5:51 PM
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Welcome to the Dark Army website feel free to browse around will be adding more content as the days go on .If you are an in game member of Dark Army please get yourself registered :)
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Sign up for Heroics and Raids

Xxplossive, Jul 30, 08 1:13 PM.
Everyone interested in running guild heroics & raids needs to post times of the day at which they can commit to a scheduled heroic run or raid. You can do so by going to the "General Discussion" forum and replying in the post "Heroics and Raids".

Member Photos !

Excesive, May 13, 08 11:47 AM.
Our website is now unlocked to all features, wich means we can now upload member pictures.. eather ingame screenys or personal photos... please keep it clean guys n gals :)

Ventrilo 101

Xxplossive, Apr 8, 08 5:51 PM.
Everyone who wishes to participate in guild events will be required to be on ventrilo. Its easy to get and it makes things much easier.

If you don't have Ventrilo click one of the two download portals below depending on what system you are running.

Download the Windows i386 - 32bit client for windows or the Mac OSX 10.3 or higher - 32bit for Apple.

If you have never used Ventrilo you will need to create a user name.  You will also need to go to the setup menu accessed by clicking the turning gears icon. Under the voice tab in that menu check the box in the upper left that says "Use Push To Talk Hotkey (PTT Mode)". Next set a hotkey by clicking the empty text box and pushing the key you want to use.

Next you will need to put in the server information as follows:

Hostname or IP:

Port Number: 3807

Password: Empty

Default Channel: Empty

With that information entered you can enter the server.  Our ventrilo is a channel on a public server so you will need to scroll down and find the Dark Army General Chat and enter.

Now your done. Pat yourself on the back and go grab a beer your good to go.
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