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Other Guild News

The End

jcmead, May 12, 09 1:47 PM.
Everything comes to an end at some point. Whether it is someone's life school or job it will eventually end. So does this Grand Venture after being a surpising success in the Burning Crusade climbing to be what all would admit as one of the top guilds on the server. We had cleared things faster than anyone on the server had done before. We continued our success going into WoLK with getting the first 10 man naxx clear under our belt before anyone else on the server. Now though do to a handful of members leaving for other things whether that be real life, friends, or a more compatible play style and lack of applicants we are forced to close our doors. Our raiders are heading to hopefully better things elsewhere. We carry with us the memories created here and the friendships as well and it is my hope that those friendships will continue to grow despite the new titles above our heads. There are certain people I would like to thank for there efforts here.

Sestina- Your being here has been something that I have enjoyed allot you brought with you not only your exceptional play skills, but as an officer I could always count on you to bring all the problems back into perspective when I would stray.

Reroller- You where one of the best suprises I have ever had a no name shammy that randomly followed when I broke away from Last Chance but turned into in that first week a person I have learned to rely greatly on. You did more work and put more effort into keeping everything greased and running smooth than anyone else.

Icefalcon- I know you didn't see your part as an officer always key but I want you to know that you and Luc where there because I knew that you would always keep me on the straight and narrow if I started to stray in my moral responsibilities as GM. I would like to thank you for helping me keep this the family guild that it was.

Nytefall- I know me and you have had our differences lately but your commitment to us was never wavering you where a body I could count on 100% to always be there and fully prepared that speaks much of your character.   P.S. thanks for giving us the Term Baddo to carry throughout life.

Gamcak- You have been one heck of a raider when I pr the officers needed something done with timing and skill involved there was never any doubt who we should turn to. Always willing to do whatever helped the guild the most with more self sacrifice than anyone I have seen before.

Uskes- Me and you have defiantly had our differences but I consider you one of the closest friends I have made playing this game and your dedication to helping others with Heroics and questing is a boon that I was glad to have.

Biggin- Though you made me spam my PG13 macro more than everyone else put together your friendly banter during raids helped to keep everyone calm. Unlike most people who try that though you could also put up the numbers at the same time and I thank you for giving your all.

Marsuvees / Thompsonn- Even though you are no longer with us I need to thank you for giving us Gay Day Tuesday we had many laughs at your expense.

Synka- For stepping in with comments and ideas to fix all the problems that arose throughout our smashing of BC.

Banatamana- For giving me the behind the scenes support I needed even while you where no longer with us.

Raiding- For being my eyes and ears when I couldn't be there. Even when I didn't seem to appreciate it at times.

Heirox and Lockhart- For being all around stellar players coming in and reminding us all what it meant to be good again.

Kaddo- For sticking with us forever giving us good solid dps throughout your stay.

I know there are other people who have contributed allot to this guild that I am forgetting I blame the tears that are starting to come again. You all gave me one of the most stellar years I have ever had.


For those that don't speak the binary language of this Laundry Processing Robot

Thank You All

Joshua Caleb Mead    Zuladel Guild Master of Drums of War.

Ho-DEAR LOOK, SPARKLES! (. . .that's lame, I know)

Reroller, Apr 30, 09 3:08 AM.
Drums of War put down boss #8 in Ulduar tonight with a successful second week in the new instance. Tonight included Ignis, Iron Council, Culligan Man, Aurururururu and to top the night off HOOOOOOOOOOOO-BAG-DIR-FACE.  Tonights raid was much more pleasant, not sure if it was something to do with the HOTFIXES BEING IMPLEMENTED DURING PRIME TIME RAIDING HOURS last night or not. . . I'm sure Blizzard wouldn't do such a thing. (Thanks for being kind and rewinding Blizzard, or just being king and not lagging us tonight)

Congrats to people on the first pieces of T8.5!

DoW Exhausts Auraiya

Reroller, Apr 28, 09 3:52 PM.
Back in Ulduar, Drums of War continues moving forward by tossing Auraiya round and round until she couldn't handle it anymore. Eventually she fell leaving some much anticipated sparkles for the raid to see. With Auraiya falling that wrapped up the Heroic: The Antechamber of Ulduar for DoW and next on the menu that night was Hodir. There were some promising attempts throughout the rest of the evening on Hodir (even with a short handed raid, thanks hackz0rs and dentists) but in the end we weren't able to get him down. With a few tips of advice after raid from others around Spinebreaker, we can almost guarantee seeing T8.5 breastplates drop in the next reset. Shortly after that we can all start to eye up another female in Ulduar, hopefully harassing her enough to drop some T8.5 legs.

Congrats to all who received loot!

Antechamber of Ulduar ALMOST conquered by DoW

Reroller, Apr 24, 09 3:37 AM.
DoW again marches back into Ulduar (doing actual PvE content more than 1 night a week is weird, I know) and slams 3 ugly dwarves to the ground shortly into the raid night. (Although we slacked on the screenshot, I replicated the kill in MS Paint and you can't really tell the difference) After only a few attempts on the Culligan Man, things looked to shape up fast and people were already inspecting his loot tables to see what sexy pieces they might be seeing. Although a slight delay occured on the very next attempt when we lost a key holy paladin due to RL emergencies, but a broadchested flaming blood elf prot paladin respected holy and brought in a dr00d tank and downed it on the very next attempt, regardless of the delays. After the bridge opened up some more exploration in Ulduar, people very soon spotted the next victim in Auriaya. The pull was far from an issue which was a nice suprise and with raid time winding down, DoW got her down to 37% with a great last attempt that showed a lot of promise to see some shiny sparkles on her corpse come next raid.


Lol, prot pallies. . .

Reroller, Apr 23, 09 3:54 AM.
Although raid started 15 minutes later (MY BAD) it was a successful night in Ulduar in many regards. It wasn't long until Razorscale fell flat on his spamming blue flaming arse and soon to follow Ignis too fell in line and helped DoW complete the Heroic: The Siege of Ulduar. With only 2-3 attempts on Council, very good promise show that in the next raid Council will drop dead very early.

Congratulations to all who got loot!

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