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Bloodcreed is currently not recruiting.
Oct 18, 10 5:39 PM
Valithria Dreamwalker saved
May 8, 10 5:44 AM
Blood Queen Lana'thel dies
Apr 30, 10 5:32 PM
ICC 7.9/12
Apr 27, 10 2:44 AM
ICC 7/12
Apr 5, 10 9:54 AM
ICC 9/12
Professor Putricide
Valithria Dreamwalker
7 May 2010
Laz, Heat, Foxy,
Fred, Mmoo, Rip,
CW, Mala, Etrisa,
& McScratch

Blood Queen Lana'thel
30 April 2010
CW, Laz, Grind,
Rip, Heat, Nik,
Etrisa, Dp, 
Fred & Mmoo

2 April 2010
Grind, DP, Rip,
Majic, Troond,
Mala, Monster,
Laz, Fred & Feo

Blood Princes
22 Mar 2010
CW, Rip, DP,
Fred, Troond,
Feo, Grind,
Mala, Magic &

29 Jan 2010
CW, Shape, Grind,
DP, Greeny, Ard,
Heat, Feo,
Mmoo, Mala

Deathbringer Saurfang
8 Jan 2010
CW, Shape, Grind,
DP, Rip, Fred, Feo,
Prdek, Troond and

Lady Deathwhisper & Gunship Battle
4 Jan 2010
CW, Shape, Grind,
DP, Rip, Fred, Feo,
Prdek, Troond and

Lord Marrowgar
15 Dec 2009
CW, DP, Grind, Rip,
Fred, Mala, Majic,
Mmoo Monster and
Welcome to Blood Creed
This is Blood Creed: the longest established (well maybe) social guild on the EU-Nordrassil Realm that has evolved into a fun-packed casual Raiding guild.

If you would like forum access, make an account and wait a bit for activation. It's not automatic so it may take a while for an admin to notice that you have signed up. Ask in guild chat if you are desperate to get access to the inner rumblings and ramblings of the guild - there's the odd nugget of information in there too!

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Counsel Wolf, Oct 18, 10 5:39 PM.
Arthas Dead, expansion over, roll on cataclysm.

Valithria Dreamwalker saved

Kyzgar, May 8, 10 5:44 AM.
Congratulations Bloodcreed: ICC 9/12

Let the good times roll! Good old perseverance triumphed last night with the conquering of yet another ICC10 boss encounter. Gratz to Laz, Heat, Grind, Fred, Mmoo, Rip, CW, Mala, Etrisa and McScratch.

By all accounts it's a step up to Professor Putricide, then again to Sindragosa and then again to the Lich King himself - but for the first time we could be there at the end of end game raiding - bring it on!

Blood Queen Lana'thel dies

Kyzgar, Apr 30, 10 5:32 PM.
Congratulations Bloodcreed! ICC 8/12

After a warm-up (yes that is what we will refer to it as :-) on Blood Princes, the Blood Queen was an almost trivial encounter.

As we expected from the start it is about the mechanics of the fight, ensuring top DPS get bitten first, making those bites and not turning on the raid, and keeping everyone up - once you master that lot it is actually a fairly straightforward affair - unforgiving perhaps, but straightforward.

We can put off Professor Putricide once more time now by concentrating our efforts on Valithria Dreamwalker but there's not long to go now. Then, of course, there is the small matter of Sindragosa and the Lich King before we can all claim the title King Slayer!
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