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    This guild is about teaching newbs how to be leet and then taking the leet players and pwning face with them. If your already leet then you can raid with us if not then you will be trained in the ways if the leet. we have a few different ranks grading your level of skill from needing gear to raidable. Have no fear because we will raid everything that we're able to raid. From kara to bt (if you don't know what they are you will in time) there are no reasons for kicking here unless you steal (ninja) or start problems for no reason. You might be worried because some guilds flip shit when you don't show for a raid well we understand there are other more important things then a game on your computer just remember though if you bail every time it does become annoying. If you like what you read then feel free to make a char on the server and ask for invite or just ask for invite if your chars there already.


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notice to all who think of playing or need help playing world of warcraft

539537723_Inactive, Apr 1, 08 12:38 PM.
We are a small guild at the moment but in do time we will recruit and begin raiding. If you would like to help build a strong guild then all you need to do is ask. Everyone gets a chance but don't be a fag or you wont last long. If your new, this is a good place to start because we believe that good guildies aren't only peeps that have played forever but the peeps we help out and teach. With this in mind remember the better you get the better the guild is as a whole. It's not the army and your not an army of one but a team of leet or soon to be leet chars.


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