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Endless Warfare!
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Brief History:  

    The guild, Endless Warfare, was founded by 5 co-workers in southern Wisconsin.  The five founders are all experienced RPG/MMO gamers, but no more than two of them have been on the same game at the same time.  Enough is enough, enter The Age of Conan!

 As a guild, what are its goals?
    Endless Warfare is primarily a PVE guild.  One of our many goals is to complete any and all Endgame instances.  Not only, complete them, but be one of the first on our server to do so.  However, endgame instances are just a fraction of what we hope to accomplish.  
    The Age of Conan also has many other aspects we would like to explore.  As a guild, we expect to have a fully functional city in the Border Kingdoms.  Particpate in the PVP arena, both sieging other battlekeeps as well as protecting our own.  Since crafting is a large part of the PVP arena, we also expect to have some of the best crafted items in the game.

So why join the guild, Endless Warfare?

    Experience, Communication, and General Atmosphere

    Endless Warfare has lots of RPG/MMO experience in its officers.  I'm not saying experienced officers equals success, but it is a good start.  We are also not super hardcore gamers although we do have a few in our ranks.  We all have families, jobs, and other responsibilities.  
    It is our belief that communication equals success.  That is why a ventrilo server has been purchased, and this website opened.  Events and news will be located on this site.  However, some evernts maybe   

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