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Blade Runners
Draft Guild Charter Published
Mar 31, 08 3:33 AM
Blade Runners website
Mar 27, 08 3:38 PM
Okay- we've moved: go here.

All members should sign upto the new site asap- guild access will be changed to reflect those that have not.

Could all members assist us by creating new forum threads at the new site that they wish to keep.  These forums will be closed within 2 weeks.

New applications shoud also be made at the new home- though any that were made at the time of writing will be processed.

Finally, the wait is over.  Tonight we start a new life here (members only).  Remember to make your guild-signup post!

So, you ready for the off?
     - sorted out your look?
     - updated your addons?
     - got rid of the otherhalf / offspring?
Yep?  Then the only other thing you've got to do is go here for the guild sign-up instructions .

If you don't do it: you won't know where to reroll!

The Blade Runners

A PvE Horde Guild

If you've made it this far, then you're interested in the Horde Reroll Project.

We will shortly be announcing a reroll date (which will be early April) and server.  These forums have been created to provide further information on the guild; to be a meeting place for those people- and to gather applications for those who wish to join.

Blade Runners will not be a l33t guild.  Blade Runners will not be about getting phat loot and 24/7 raiding.  Blade Runners is not wow-life.

Blade Runners is aimed at for those people that have a real-life: who want to experience all the content that wow has to offer without sacrificing their jobs & familys.  So, the guild is aimed at those who typically start gaming between 7-8 ST.  So, if most of your game-time is typically spent in the evenings / weekends- you'll fit in :)

Please visit the foums which I'll be updating regularly.  To gain membership to the site, fill in a short application in the forums.  It doesn't matter whether you've had wow for 2 weeks or 2 years; just that you contribute, treat others with respect and, above all, want to enjoy the ride.

If you've got this far- thanks for reading :)

The reroll date has been set as Friday 4th April at 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT.  Please check the News Forum for more information.
Other Guild News

Draft Guild Charter Published

Surferosa, Mar 31, 08 3:33 AM.
Please have a read thorugh of the draft Guild Charter.  Its there so that there is no ambiguity to what the guild is about, what it stands for, what you can expect and what is expected.

Once the new site is launched part of the process to signup will be to agreeing to abide by the terms of the charter- so this is the opportunity to say if you strongly disagree with anything contained (members only).  I've opened up a new thread for feedback- so drop anything in there.

Blade Runners website

Surferosa, Mar 27, 08 3:38 PM.
We are currently in the process of moving this website to a new home.  When I started the guild, I needed a homepage and forums created as quickly as possible- and this portal gave me the ability to do just that.

Now that we are underway, we have a little more time to build something better.  If you would like to contribute in any way to this process, then just shout! (specifically looking for any banner artwork, logos, images- anything that you think we help give the Blade Runners an identity).
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