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Library : Faction-Rank 4 Lord

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Talk to the Initiate NPC's to begin each task.  Timer is 6 days and gives you 25 Ribbons and 4 Tokens.

    Magshuth Moarsman-Head to moarsman city and kill 20.

    Moguth Moarsman-Head to moarsman city and kill 60.

    Shoguth Moarsman-Head to moarsman city and kill 40.

    Coral Towers-Again located in moarsman city.  Destroy the 5 coral towers:
        Black: 93.5S, 49.5W
        Blue: 92.8S, 51.3W
        Green: 91.8S, 53.6W
        Red: 93.5S, 55.2W
        White: 92.7S, 57.6W

    High Priest of T'huun-Head to moarsman city, in order to get into the high priest     portal you must kill each mini boss in each portal in order. Do in order acolyte     portal, third priest portal, second priest portal, first priest portal, and then high     priest portal. Make your way through the dungon and kill the high priest.  loot the     holy symbol token and return it to the faction house for reward.

Moarsman Spawning Pools- Work your way around moarsman city and go to each     spawning pool.  Kill spawn in the pool until brood mother appears.  kill her and you     clean out the spawning pools.
    91.9S 51.9W
    92.3S 49.7W
    93.7S 52.7W
    92.9S 54.5W

    Moarsman Shrine Artifacts-Again go to moarsman city and work your way     around the island and look for shrines.  use the table in the shrine to loot the     artifact.
    92.3S 52.8W-Temple Horn
    92.6S 54.1W-Coral's Heart
    93.5S 54.3W-Spear of Baalfroth
    92.9S 55.5W-Sacred deep water
    93.5S 57.4W-Blood pearl
    93.4S 52.9W-Scroll of prophecy
    93.3S 51.0W-Finger bone of mishfain
    92.5S 48.6W-Skull of mishfain
    92.2S 51.2W-Hagrafash Tooth Necklace
    91.0S 51.9W-Eye of T'thuun

Return to Society house to complete each task and get reward.

Faction Advancment to Master

  1. Speak to the Inspector of the Masters in your faction house
  2. From freebooter island run North to 55.7S, 97.7E and use the statue of transport to enter the Catacombs of tar'Kelyn.
  3. If you have lockpick you can simply run through and lockpick each door and run to your end boss. It differs for each faction. If you do not have lockpick you must pick up one of the three keys dedicated to your faction. Each key is found about halfway down each wing in a corner.
    Eldrytch Web-Armory Key is in the west wing and opens the east side door. Work     your way to the end until you reach Tikchti. Kill him and loot the Titanic Dericost     Mnemosyne from his corpse.

    Celestial Hand-Skith'Kirit's Key is on the east side and opens the north door,     Work your way to end until you reach kith'Kirit. Kill him and loot the head from his     corpse.

    Radiant Blood-Vault Key is in the north wing and opens the west side door. Work     your way to the end until you reach Kathirik. Kill him and loot the Ancient Falatacot     Tome of Light from his corpse.

Return to the faction house and hand your appropriate trophy to the Inspector of Masters to complete the test.

Congrats you are now a Master!!
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