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Faction-Rank 3 Knight
Talk to the Initiate NPC's to begin each task.  Timer is 6 days and gives you 20 Ribbons and 4 Tokens.

    Bandit Mana Hunter Boss- Go to freebooter island and run to Bandit Magma     Tubes
54.4S 97.2E.  Stay left until you reach the boss by a large lava pool.  Kill him     and return the faction house for reward.

    Glowing Jungle Lillies-Go to freebooter island. Run around the island until tou     find a glowing lilly. Pluck it and several spawn appears.  kill the spawn and loot the     lillies they drop. When you have 20 lillies return to faction house for reward

    Glowing Moar Glands-Again run around freebooter looking for Blessed Moars.      Kill them and loot the gland. Find 30 gloawing moar glands and then return to     faction house for reward.

    Blessed Moarsman-Again run around freebooter and kill 50 Blessed Moarsman.      Return to faction house for reward.

    Mana-Infussed Jungle Flowers-Run around freebooter and collect 20 flowers.      return to faction house for reward.

Faction Advancment to Lord

In order to advance to Lord Status you must turn in 300 Commendation Ribbons.
  1. Speak to the Inspector of Lords
  2. From Eastwatch head noth to the Blighted Verdant Moarsman Tunnels 92.7N, 42.3W.
  3. From drop take all lefts and go into the Moarsmen Propry portal.
  4. Once inside the Priory you'll first come to an octagon shaped bridge, go east. At the next large room Go north and a floor plate directly in front of door opens it.  In the next large room go to the southeast corner of the room and a tunnel leads out of the the room, stay left until you come to a down ramp and a very large room. Kill Propr Kothmox and loot his staff. Return to Inspector and show him the staff. He will then tell you to get a specific item.
  5. Head to Candeth and then run to the statue locations. There will be a statue at 87.9S 55.9W west of the temple or east at 87.9S 54.5W.
  6. Talk to the statue and it will give you a math riddle. Solve the problem and click on the appropriate coral. Now you are flagged to enter a portal in the side of the wall of the main temple structure (portal looks like a door)
  7. Once in the temple work your way down to the blind keeper. Kill him but be careful of the sleeches he spawns. Once he is dead a Gate Watcher spawns, kill him and loot the item your inspector told you to get. Be wary of picking up the wrong item!!
  8. Return to the inspector and hand him your item to complete the test.
You can now access moarsman city by clicking on the statues you do not need to do another riddle.

Congrats you are now a Lord!!
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