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Faction-Rank 1 Innitiate
Talk to the Initiate NPC's to begin each task.  Timer is 6 days and gives you 10 Ribbons and 4 Tokens.

    Vaeshok- Vaeshok's Cave 87.0N 59.7E on Dark Isle. Stay right all the way down.     Kill him and then return to society house npc for reward.

    Dark Isle Assassin-Hand the Altered dark remoran fin to The Deep on dark isle.          Return to society house npc for reward.

    Jaw Collection-Collect 8 jaws from the skeletons in the Graveyard. Return to     society house npc for reward.

    Wight Blade Sorcerers-kill 12 Wight Blade Sorcerers. Return to society house npc     for reward.

    Shambling Archivist-He spawns near the recall bunker. Kill him and return to     society house npc for reward.

Faction Advancment to Adept
  1. In order to advance to Adept Status you must turn in 95 Commendation Ribbons.
  2. Speak to the Inspector of the Adepts in the east wing of the faction house.Go to Neydisa Castle and run north to 74.8N 18.4E. Enter the portal next to the mage academy.
  3. You need 3 keys in order to proceed. East to radiant blood side, north to eldrytch web side, and west to celestial hand side. In order to get keys you must kill the head npc's for your opposing faction and talk to the head npc in your faction. 
  4. Once you have all three keys, use them to open three successive doors (color coded) to the south of the drop. Silver first, Gold second, and Green third.
  5. At the end of the south wing you will fing Benedino.  Kill him and loot the Lens of Filinuvekta.
  6. Return to Society house and hand the lens to the Inspector of the Adepts.
Congrats you are now an Adept!
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