Library : Faction Initiation Quest-step 2

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This quest starts by choosing your Society House:
    Kirina of the Celestial Hand in Hebian To (39.7S 83.6E)
    Ayesha of the Radiant Blood in Zaikhal (12.8N 0.7E)
    Arturus of the Eldrytch Web in Cragstone (26.3N 49.7E)

Head over to the coords (Corrupted Catacombs 23.9S, 54.1E)
    You're looking for a Corrupted Mana Shard that is behind a locked pickable door.        There is a key located on the opposite side of the dungeon for those without     lockpick.  Grab the Mana shard and head back to your society NPC and hand it     over.

Congratulations! You are now a member of a Society!
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