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Malygos down!
Jan 14, 09 1:43 PM
Naxxramas cleared!
Dec 22, 08 1:57 PM
New look!
Sep 9, 08 3:47 PM
We will be back!
Aug 26, 08 6:50 AM
A pic to make things more colorful
Apr 19, 08 7:41 AM

Other Guild News

Malygos down!

Senaia, Jan 14, 09 1:43 PM.
After two nights of receiving insane damage from minions, Malygos finally realized that his struggle to survive is worthless. Silax gave his last possible engulf and he fell, ashamed and devoured. Congratulations to everyone that gave their time to it and to every guildie for support. 25 man raids, here we come, and there u'll get owned!

Naxxramas cleared!

Senaia, Dec 22, 08 1:57 PM.
Perfection is among us... but it definitely didn't have a chance to be noticed here, since the bosses are hardly a challenge!

New look!

Senaia, Sep 9, 08 3:47 PM.
I have changed the look of the web page. I hope you like it. Everything is getting ready for the expansion launch! :P
Feel free to comment on it..

We will be back!

Senaia, Aug 26, 08 6:50 AM.
Hey  guildies!
Since the guild has been inactive for the past few weeks I'm eager to come back and recreate it. The old leaders will be back the first day the expansion arrives. I hope that we can continue establishing the same loving, caring and homely guild we had before and I have no doubts that it will become one of the most successful guilds on our server! There was no one like us, and we know it :) 
See ya soon m8s!

A pic to make things more colorful

539594259_Inactive, Apr 19, 08 7:41 AM.
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