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Welcome to After Hours.

After Hours is a late night casual raiding guild on the Uldum server. All Heroics and Karazahn are on Farm status. We run multiple Karazahn groups weekly.
Zul'Aman is now a weekly affair. Forays into The Eye, Serpentshrine Cavern and Gruul and Magtheridon take place often. We are Actively recruiting to expand our numbers and move into regularly scheduled 25 man raids.
Please see the forums for more information.

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After Hours Strategy Archives now Open!

Xanthelyn, Jun 14, 08 8:01 PM.
Check out our forums to see the new section reserved strictly for information and discussion on World of Warcraft Boss Strategies! Also check out our new Class technical Data threads. go, read, watch and discuss!


Xanthelyn, Jun 10, 08 8:12 AM.
Get the full details here!

ONN Tech Report


Xanthelyn, May 30, 08 5:08 AM.
There is currently a know security vulnerablity in Adobe Flash Player. This exploit allows malicious code to be installed on your computer (PC and MAC) that specifically targets World of Warcraft Account information. (Good Luck with this one Mac users...LOL...I hope they have some sort of way to help ya'll out!)

Infecting Flash based Banner adds on over 200,000 websites, this is a widespread attack.

 The good news is Any good antivirus program can find it and stop it. The bad news is, it will damage the Windows run32dll.exe file in in the process and will also store hidden copies of itself in your System Restore files and WoW Interface folders. There is a second version of this Trojan that has infected many of the most popular add ons on the Big Three sites.  This code does not require the banner add to be clicked. A simple mouse over will activate the routine. All players are highly recommended to download the most recent version of Adobe Flash, Update their OS, and temporarily remove any "automated" add on updating clients. I have personally tested all the add on clients from all the major sites- they are all infected. The Curse client in particular kept reinfecting my system, until I deleted it.

One final note, Spy-Bot, AVG Antivirus and  Ad-aware provide NO protection. Its time to get out of 2002 and get some real security software.
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