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The First Fleet
PoS Falls
Mar 12, 08 2:25 AM
The war has begun!
Mar 11, 08 4:00 AM
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Welcome to the First Fleet

The First Fleet is a Oceanic based society residing on the Invincible Server.

We are a Society full of helpfull friendly people that enjoy working together to rid so we can claim the New World as ours.

The First Fleet is PvP focused and you will allways see us fighting on the front lines for England when ever there is a fight to be had.


PoS Falls

539585297_Inactive, Mar 12, 08 2:25 AM.
PoS fell tonight as members from First Fleet, Royals, and AEF, fronted for a massive battle.........against 5 spanish players. No losses on either side, the spanish bailed. Was a easy victory but it helped us learn plenty about PB's

The war has begun!

539583166_Inactive, Mar 11, 08 4:00 AM.
The First Fleet has started its campaign against the Spanish leading an offensive at the Port of Spain. 

On Wed Night the attack will commence!
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