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The Cappadocian Vampire Clan
Tavern Open
Mar 21, 08 11:48 AM
The Cleansing
Mar 7, 08 12:39 PM
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From the shadows

A figure approaches you from the shadows. As he draws closer you begin to grow uneasy. your stomach turns as he leans down towards your ear. He tells a dreadful tale of the Cappadocian Vampires. You find you are unable to move, Paralyzed from fear. As he pulls away blood dripping from his teeth you feel as though he has pulled the very humanity from your soul along with it. as you reach to adjust your coat you put your hand in a stream of blood coming from your neck. you feel the blood running down your chest. As the world begins to grow dark you see the figure smile and turn away as you fade from consciousness.

We are the Cappadocians

Tavern Open

539166365_Inactive, Mar 21, 08 11:48 AM.
Last night our tavern opened. it went well the Shifters were pleased with everything. we look forward to keep it running in the coming weeks.

The Cleansing

539166365_Inactive, Mar 7, 08 12:39 PM.
Lord Marius has cleansed the guild. he silenced those who opposed his will and put to rest ones who stood in his way.The awakening has begun and soon the tainting will begin.
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