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Pandemonium is an Everquest 2 guild on the Unrest Server.

The sun never sets on Pandemonium! We began as the premiere Late Night Guild of Unrest, and now our members span the globe. Our current guild level is 68. The guild uses Ventrillo Voice Chat software for raids and groups.

Recruitment Policies and Information can be found in the public forums.

Most of this site is accessible to the general public, with the exception of our Private Forums and other private content such as Event Signups.

Regarding the forums:

Visitors and Non-Members:
A Guildportal account is required to post in both the public and private forums. You do not need to apply to the guild forums (the "Join this guild" link) to post in the public forums.

Pandemonium Members/Recruits:
You need to apply for a Guildportal account AND the guild forums (the "Join this guild" link) for access to our private forums/content.

During your Guildportal application process you will be given the opportunity to apply for guild forum access as well. If you have a previous guildportal account you would like to use with this site just click the "Join this guild" link. They should really change that to "Join these private forums".

Note about Guildportal Accounts for Members/Recruits: (VERY IMPORTANT)
Please, Please, Please, you must use your main character's name or something similar for the guildportal account you chose to use with our forums. If you do not use your main character's name or a recognizable variation of it (eg. blahblahxx, blahblah00) you will not be given access to our private forums/content and will not be eligible for raid sign up.

Assigning a character for raid sign up, Members/Recruits: (VERY IMPORTANT)
Once your guildportal account has been accepted to these forums you must click the "Characters/Settings" link for your account and assign a user for our raid sign up system. If you do not do this you will not be eligble to raid!

We use a DKP system. In order to use this system you must register with the DKP site. Once a member, you will see the link on the member's page.  If you are not registered on the DKP site you will NOT receive DKP for raiding, and will not be able to earn loot awards!

-Panda Management Team
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