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Mar 4, 08 6:34 AM

Welcome Apocalypsse Members

Welcome everyone and thank you all for joining me on this long hard task of taking a guild so new to the next rank. I as the GM of Apocalypsse hope and urge you all to help in this task. In our realm we have many guilds, and a few very successful ones at that, but if we all work together we as a team can acheive higher goals.

We are welcoming anyone and everyone of level 50 or higher... so if you got any friends that would like to join please invite them. Also if someone (guild member) asks you to do he or she a favor either do it or give them a good reason not to, but we are a team and need to work together so the more we help each other out the better we will be and the more we shall grow.

Yes, we have a guild vault. I purchased it on the 3rd, if everyone could slowly deposit a few gold overy other day that'd be very helpful in helping our guild purchase another tab. Thank you.

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Raiding Info

539566213_Inactive, Mar 4, 08 6:34 AM.
Raiding wise, I'd like all of you if possible to go to and download the curse client which enables you to download (Deadly Boss Mods) and (Omen) which will improve our raiding a lot and help prevent thos occasional wipes we dont want. As for the item (loot) part of raiding before every raid I will assign three members (one for each T4 gear peice) to receive that gear that run, I will be doing this to prevent fight or arguments during and before the raid, These people will be put on a turn over list wich cannot receive T4 gear intill everyone of thier class group has gone through my system. We will raid every week starting March 12th from 7:30 pm server time to 10:30 pm server time... right nwo id like all of you to either focus on gear or read up on the first few bosses of Karazhan (Attunemen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera Event, and maybe even Curator). During raids we will all be on WoW voice chat inless someone of the guild has a Vent we can use (you are not required to have a mic).
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