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We are a USA/EST RAID PvE server Guild



    Stoic is a mixture of Hard-Core Raiders as well as casual players/PvP (non-raiders) thats Bringing together camaraderie, ass-kicking, alcohol-abusing, and good-times to the AoC PvE server that we choose to land on. Stoic's PRIMARY goal is END-GAME RAIDING! However, we also plan on building a player-city and hold our own Border Keep and be active in PvP (Arena's, Siege warfare, and drunken brawls)
    Stoic will use a DKP system, with bonus DKP awarded for out of raid guild events and other character contributions to the guild (ie. donations,resources etc).
    Stoic will be set up having two different types of members. One will be the Raiding Core ( RAIDER ). The Other will be the ( Non-Raiders ) ie.casual/PvP/crafters/people that dont like to raid or dont have the time.Upon joining Stoic, you will decide which type you would like to be a part of. Once you choose which type you want to be, you can always at a later time sign up to switch to the other, your not Locked In (ie you change your mind, work schedule changes/lessens/gets busier etc). You will be able to switch as your playing style /RL/Work etc dictates.
    If you join as a Raider, you will be expected to maintain a min of 30% raid attendence. At Officers discretion, if Guild Need dictates that a raid is mandatory (ie.Guild Needs More to fill a raid ), you must attend if you are going to be online for any length of time (1 hr or more) and this will be done on a day to day basis. Expect this every raid night. Its still early, but we will probably be raiding on Sat and Sun nights for sure, (EST) and 2, maby 3 days during the week. RAIDERS will always be chosen first to fill the raids and will have priority on loot in raids.

If you join as a NON-RAIDER, its still possible you will be able to get into some raids. You will sign up to get on a list, and if a spot is open you can join the raid. Once a raid instance is declaired On Farm Status, we will make every effort to work NON-RAIDERS in as well. RAIDERS that go on these farm runs will be given a bonus DKP award too.Your NON-RAIDERS will tend to be (but not limited to) the casual player and hard core PvPers and serious crafters. We hope to have a solid base of players to fill these roles. One Major rule Stoic has is, if our player city, or border keep/tower or our allies's are under attack, ALL MEMBERS online ( both RAIDERS and NON-RAIDERS) are required to help defend.

    We plan on being a tight-knit well organized raid and PvP force. We do not want to be one of the  largest guilds on the server that relies on zerg tactics. However, if the game dictates larger membership and is absolutely necessary, we will adapt and be flexible. Also if necessary, we will form a guild alliance for PvP attacking and defending of our border keeps, along with grouping and questing as well.



Round 2 of Kyllikki's Crypt

Wasilah, Jul 16, 08 1:41 AM.
So this time I bet the raid some bonus DKP that they couldnt down the Champion of the Honorguard in less than an hour. Well they have proven me wrong. He died and we were moving onto the next raid inside of 45 mins. Too bad all the loot went to rot due to either everyone having it already or none of that class was at the raid. Gratz rot on Armguards of the Triumphant, Armband of Jagged Bards and Boots of Dark Terror!! (Sorry no Screenshots to post this go round)

We are still looking for some 60+ PoM's, Bearshaman's, Necro's and Demo's. Drop me or one of the officers a line in game or via PM here on the website if your interested and have questions.

Results from Kyllikki's Crypt Raid

Wasilah, Jul 7, 08 10:27 PM.

These are the results from raiding tonight. First attempt on the Boss and was taken down to 40%. He was quickly taken out a short time later. Not too bad for not even having a full 3 groups worth of people.
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